One of the Boys

Nikki was just one of Harry's best friends until him & his band mates came back to visit her. They asked her to join them on tour & help get her career started as a singer. Little did Nikki know was that her secret might be uncovered and the one she loves might get hurt. Will she risk her life for the one she loves or fight for a normal life and uncover secrets from the boys as well.


10. Stay Strong

I turned to see Niall singing on his way to his room. I laughed. He turned and looked at me and his face turned bright red.

"You're pretty good." I told him.

"Thanks," He smiled, "Since that is my solo."

"Really? Sorry, I don't listen to you guys. My sisters the one who does and she gave me a CD." I apologized.

"Don't worry about it." He laughed and walked to his room.

I went back to listening to the music and realized I was hungry.  I got up and walked downstairs. Harry was playing COD with Liam and Zayn was in the kitchen. I walked in and looked around. Where was the bread?

"Looking for this?" Zayn held up the loaf of bread.

"Yeah." I said.

"Here just take my sandwich." He handed it to me.

"I can make my own sandwich." I told him.

"No it's okay. Take it. Making sandwiches keep my mind of things." He told me.

"What things?" I asked taking the sandwich.

"Perrie and I." He mumbled.

"Oh, so you're the one who's dating Perrie." I said. 

"Was." He stammered.

"Oh, Zayn!" I flung my arms around him, "What happened?"

"She said she couldn't handle all the hate from fans and all the paparazzi following her every move." He explained as tears were streaming down his face.

"Well if she really liked you she wouldn't have left you. She would of toughened up and stayed with you. Zayn you're going to find a beautiful girl who will like you and wouldn't care what society or the world thought." I told him.

"Thank you." He hugged me.

"Stay strong. You will make it through, I promise." I hugged him back.

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