One of the Boys

Nikki was just one of Harry's best friends until him & his band mates came back to visit her. They asked her to join them on tour & help get her career started as a singer. Little did Nikki know was that her secret might be uncovered and the one she loves might get hurt. Will she risk her life for the one she loves or fight for a normal life and uncover secrets from the boys as well.


17. Save Me

"What? If you're her grandfather why did you kidnap me? Why don't you just talk to her?" I asked him.

"You see my boy, it's not as easy as it looks. Nicole and I aren't on good terms, so we captured you to bring her here with her lover Niall." He explained.

"Niall? Her lover? What? They barely know each other? Just let me go! I've got recording to do and a concert. Can't we just sort this out tomorrow?" I said.

"Maybe you should see this." The man showed me a picture off his phone of Niall and Nikki kissing. It was in her room. Who took it?

"How did you get that picture?" I demanded.

"The window cleaners of the hotel are dear good friends of mine." He smirked.

"Let me go! I swear the police we find you!" I yelled at him.

"How," He asked amused.

"Once fans find out the concert is canceled because I was missing, it'll be all over the tabloids. The police will search for me and you'll be stuck in prison for kidnap." I smirked back.

"Well, you see here my boy. I have your concert rescheduled for tomorrow. So no need to worry."

"What?" I asked.

"No need to worry. Now be a good boy and be quiet. Nicole will be arriving in ten minutes." He laughed and walked out the door. One of the big men hit me until I was unconscious. 

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