One of the Boys

Nikki was just one of Harry's best friends until him & his band mates came back to visit her. They asked her to join them on tour & help get her career started as a singer. Little did Nikki know was that her secret might be uncovered and the one she loves might get hurt. Will she risk her life for the one she loves or fight for a normal life and uncover secrets from the boys as well.


15. Explaining To Do

"What? How can you be the princess of Sweden?" I asked confused.

"Well I'm not really the princess. Our countries capitol is like London. We have royalty that runs it and I just happen to be next in line for the throne." I explained.

"So then you are a princess." I told her.

"Yeah, but I don't like being known for that." She said.

"So wait, were those your real parents that you left?" I asked. she shook her head no. "What? Then who are those people?"

"My aunt and uncle. My mother sent me to live with them when I was five. My mother's the Queen, she sent me away so I didn't have to be sucked into ruling Sweden, that I needed to go live my own dream. My grandfather wasn't happy about that so he sent people to find me and bring me back to take my rightful place. My mothers getting older and anytime she'll be down ruling. My grandfather wants to keep it in our family and not give it to the next family in line. So that's why those men hurt me so I can come back." She explained.

"What? They just can't force you! You have rights! What about your siblings? I'm sure they could take the-" I was cut of by her lips touching mine.

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