One of the Boys

Nikki was just one of Harry's best friends until him & his band mates came back to visit her. They asked her to join them on tour & help get her career started as a singer. Little did Nikki know was that her secret might be uncovered and the one she loves might get hurt. Will she risk her life for the one she loves or fight for a normal life and uncover secrets from the boys as well.


11. English Muffins & Accents

I got up and headed downstairs. Food. I was hungry. I looked around and we had nothing. Screw it. I called room service and ordered everything off the menu. Twenty minutes later it was here. I sat down at the table and began eating.

"Niall, what are you doing?" 

I looked up to see Nikki. She was in her pajamas and she looked amazing. I smiled at her, "Eating."

"All of that?" She asked.

"There was nothing in the kitchen so I ordered room service." I told her grabbing an english muffin.

"What did you order the whole menu?" She giggled.

"Maybe." I said with a mouthful. She giggled and sat down and she grabbed some food.

"Pass me the syrup," Nikki told me. I handed it to her.

"Thanks." She smiled. God. Her smile was gorgeous. For a couple minutes we sat in silence. "So did you hear about Zayn and Perrie?"

"What about them?" I asked.

"They broke up." She answered.

"What?" I spit out my orange juice, "They were so happy the other day."

"Yeah, I guess she couldn't handle the haters." Nikki said.

"Poor Zayn. He really liked her you know." I told her.

"Yeah he was pretty sad this morning."

"Well he gets to join the club now." I mumbled.

"What club?" She asked.

"The singles club." I laughed.

"Is Harry in it?" She asked.

"Yeah, I don't know why. He's got girls begging for him." I told her.

"Yeah, my sisters like in love with him." She laughed. I loved that laugh.

I looked at Nikki. Blond hair, hazel eyes, she was stunning. She could be a model. I could hear her Swedish accent.

"Nikki, where are you from?" I asked her. 


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