Going for gold...

For the legacy contest thing, hope its okay, please give feeback si that i can improve it :D


1. Going for gold...

Going for gold...

Feedback is really needed as this is for a competition and i want to win, so tell me if i can improve it anyway, or any ideas, thanks :D


I'm a legend. People say i am anyway. But i don't understand why they look up to me so much. I'm just a normal human, not a robot with gallons of oil in hand. I'm just a person who had a dream...
My grandfather always told me to reach for the moon, because even if you miss, you'll be a star in the sky, and thats why i admire him. Thats how i won my medal. Let me take you back to that day, the day i made history.
My cheeks puffed in, puffed out and my breaths were heavy and deep, and i tried my hardest to remember everything coach had told me. But i knew i wouldn't make it. I was in 7th place, out of 10 participants. The last laps were gruelling. It was horrific. I found it hard to keep up with the french mime in front of me. He had a quick pace, a quick jog.
Wait, he had a quick jog, i thought to myself as i looked up at everyone. Everyone who was jogging.
An idea struck my mind. An idea that would get me past that blood red finish line and win me the gold.
I knew i had to quicken up. I was halfway through the last lap by the time the thought had come to my tired mind, and my feet drummed the floor loudly. Everyone in the audience cheered, clapped, whistled and screamed the other runners name. 
But i didn't hear my name once. Not a single person hoping i'd win. I was going to prove them wrong...
I ran as fast as my long, thin, muscly legs would carry me.
6th place.
5th place.
4th place.
I was eventually in the position of winning a silver medal, and went head to head with the USA man. He looked over to me with an evil but worried look on his face. I read him like a book. The audience quietened down a little, a few english supporters waving their flags or screaming my name. They were actually rooting for me to win.
It was then that i looked out to the crowd and saw nothing but a blur. The finishing line was a good 20-30 metres ahead, i didn't really have time to count if I'm honest. It was the hardest i'd ever felt my legs go. They were in pain, but i didn't expect in a million year i could run 20 laps around the track, and considering i was the furthest out, i did pretty well to get to second.
When the line was about 10 metres in front of me, and victory burned my throat, me and the american took a quick glance at each other,  and thats when i heard it. Everyone shouting my name. My name. Mine.
I didn't concentrate on where my competition was, i just ran. I kept my hungry eyes on that line an sprinted my hardest. The words that were engraved on my brain came next, after all i'd been hoping for.
'And the british legend, has won it!' the commentator shouted excitedly. I had just won a gold medal for britain. I had just caused a roar in the audience. I, little old me from England, had just defeated all the other countries. Wow.
My grandfather would be proud of me. He would have been proud to have me as his grandson i hope. But he wasn't here anymore. He hadn't been here for a long time.
But this just goes to show your family gives the best advice. I didn't only create history, i taught a lesson. To everyone out there with a dream, i advise you never to give up. Never stop believing you can do it. Never stop dreaming.

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