You're My Wonderwall

Charlotte Rose Advair wasn't your average teen. She had many family problems growing up, and recently enough was enough. Charlotte ran away from her house after her psychotic mother went on a rampage and killed her father. Now she finds her boyfriend has killed himself. Could her life get any worse? Well, in fact, it will become just the opposite. With a little twist of fate Charlotte will be rescued by a charming boy named Liam Payne, member of the world phenomenon One Direction. From then on, her world is changed and she's a new person.. almost. She's sworn herself to never love again, but when a member of 1D has already fallen for her, will she change her mind?


1. The Girl In The Alley

Charlotte's POV  

As my heavy feet hit against the pavement, a wave of confusion and dizziness fell over me and I stumbled a bit. I felt absolutely sick to my stomach, and I needed to get away. Nevermind the pouring rain that made my wet clothes cling to me like they were holding on for dear life. Nevermind I was soaked to the bone, my every chilled movement vibrant and hard to control. Finally I found a small alleyway, and without thinking I just ran to it. I ran and ran until I nearly collided with the brick wall that ended the alley. Tears soaking my cheeks along with the heavy downpour, I let my back hit against the wall. And like all those sappy movies, I slowly slid my way down until I was sitting there, my knees to my chest, bawling like a little baby. No. This couldn't be real. No. Only minutes ago I found out my long-distance boyfriend Matt had killed himself. I couldn't take it. Matt was so sweet. He had always been depressed, but I had always been there for him. I always was. When he had moved it was harder, but we skyped everynight and he always told me I made everything better. He told me he'd never leave me.  

I looked up to the sky, my red tear-stained eyes being attacked by rain. But I didn't care. "What about now, Matt?! HUH?! You said you'd never leave me. It was all a lie." I was talking to myself. I was delirious. I was upset. I pissed. I was sad. I was depressed. Matt meant the world to me and he left. Now all I felt was the cold numbness of a heavy, abandoned heart. I let my forehead hit my knees and I just sat there, sobbing. I didn't know what else to do. Then I gently started singing a song that always comforted me. It was a song my daddy always used to sing to me when I was a little girl. I think he wrote it, so no one shared the secrecy of knowing it but me and him, it was our little secret. Well, our secret until he was coldly murdered at the will of my mother's hands. She had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and had become convinced that my father and myself were out to kill her. So, she killed my father. I had last seen him plop to the floor like a useless dummy before running away forever. Now here I was, a few weeks later. I was cold, starving and dehydrated. But I was living and that's all that I asked for.  

I could've sworn I heard footsteps quicken towards me, but I couldn't concentrate on anything as the world around me became nothing but a fading light, and soon sleep had crept up on me like a murderer in a horror movie, taking me under into the glorious world in which nothing could hurt me and everything was alright.  

Liam's POV  

I had been strutting down the streets of London, a heavy downpour upon me. I didn't mind though, it surprisingly hadn't rained in a while and this was a fresh feeling as the rain fell upon my hot skin, cooling me down. A few times I had stuck out my tongue to catch some raindrops and found myself successful. I had no idea where I was going, quite honestly. But I had the day off and I just wanted to relax.  

My attention was on the street in front of me until something westward caught my attention. It sounded to me like someone was singing? Turning my direction I listened intently, bringing myself towards the beautiful voice that sang lyrics I'd never heard of before. They were genius, no less. I found myself walking down a dark, eerie alley. Man these things scared me. I shook myself off and found myself nearing the end of the alley, in which my eyes came across the figure of a girl. She looked weak, broken, sad. It was scary though how much she reminded me of Louis' girl, Eleanor. "Eleanor?" I mumbled, just incase. Silly me, it wasn't her.  

I watched as the girl drifted off into sleep, and I almost wanted to run. But how could I leave a girl like this out in the pouring ran? I heaved out a heavy sigh. I would regret this. I neared the girl and scooped her up from the grounds, tucking her into my chest tightly. I didn't want to drop her. I felt her body tremble and I hugged her closer. She was freezing. I started to run fast because I knew exactly where Paul was with the van and if I missed him now I would have to find myself a cab, which would be hard considering I'm carrying someone.  

I ran down the streets of London, ignoring the fans. I felt bad for ignoring them but right now I had to get this girl inside and safe. From the looks- and smells- of it, this girl was malnourished and has been out on the streets for weeks. That must've been absolutely terrible. Finally, the black van oh so famously known by fans came into my view, and I felt my feet picking up the pace. As I neared the van I opened my mouth and spoke. "PAUL!" I called, watching as our bodyguard turned his attention to me. "I found this girl basically dead in an alley. Do you think we can take her back to the hotel?" I could tell Paul was about to say no, but his eyes caught mine, and he could see the sincerity shining in them. With a sigh he nodded his head and I got into the van, Harry giving the girl an awkward stare. "Don't ask." I grumbled to him as I set her down and buckled her in, shutting the door and buckling myself as Paul took off.

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