You're My Wonderwall

Charlotte Rose Advair wasn't your average teen. She had many family problems growing up, and recently enough was enough. Charlotte ran away from her house after her psychotic mother went on a rampage and killed her father. Now she finds her boyfriend has killed himself. Could her life get any worse? Well, in fact, it will become just the opposite. With a little twist of fate Charlotte will be rescued by a charming boy named Liam Payne, member of the world phenomenon One Direction. From then on, her world is changed and she's a new person.. almost. She's sworn herself to never love again, but when a member of 1D has already fallen for her, will she change her mind?


2. Not Another Press Story

Charlotte's POV  

My head pounded, bright lights made my eyes fly open. I stretched myself out, tucking my hands under the soft pillow that lay below me. Wait. What?  

I shot up out of the bed I was in, my eyes wide with confusion. Where the hell was I? I had fallen asleep, drenched in an alley. I looked down at my clothes. My clothes! I was in some weird t-shirt that basically worked as a dress for me, it's length cut just about my knobby knees. This shirt was not the same thing I had worn in that alley. What the fuck. Where was I? I looked around the room. It looked like some fancy-ass hotel room. I had a huge bay window, sunshine poured in and lit the room with a dim orange glow.  

My eyes caught the attention of another bed, with another person in it?! I backed up, noting it was some boy. He looked oddly very familiar, but I couldn't put my thumb on it. The boy seemed to have awoken, his face cheery and bright as he noticed I too was awake. "Well, good mornin' love!" His accent was heavy whereas mine was sorta faded, mostly cause I came from a mixed background of many different heritages. "Um. Who are you and why am I here." I demanded, and I saw his face light up with understanding as to why I was so hostile..  

"Oh, right." He mumbled, sitting up and clearing his throat. "Sorry, I forgot. I'm Liam Payne." That name... it.. sounded creepily familiar. "I found you in an alley last night and I didn't want to leave you there, so I brought you back here." He explained, and I raised an eyebrow. Finally I realized where he was from! He was one of those dudes from One Direction! Matt had talked about the a few times, he said he actually liked them. I had a taste of their music and I didn't get why someone like Matt would like it, though I did. I shook my head. No more thoughts of Matt. "Well, thanks. I guess." I mumbled awkwardly, not knowing what else to say.  

"Why were you in the alley?" He asked. Well, fuck. I was hoping to avoid that question, but it seemed this little talk had escalated quicker than what I thought. I gave  heavy sigh and plopped myself down on the matress. I could feel myself sink into it and it took in my shape. Memory foam, sweet. "Well, Mr. Payne-" "Liam," "Riiiight. Liam. My mother is a psycho-maniac who killed my own father and tried to kill me. I was in that alley because I had nowhere else to go." I said bluntly, honestly I didn't want sympathy. I didn't care. You could call me an emotionless brick, pretty much.

"I'm so sorry, Charlotte." He said, and that jerked my attention instantly. I gave him a hostile stare, how did he know my name? "Oh, sorry. I noted you had 'Matt + Charlotte.' written on your hand. I figured you were Charlotte." He mumbled awkwardly, and I nodded. "I probably should get that off my hand since Matt killed himself." I growled. I watched as Liam's face dropped and I just ignored it, spitting onto my finger and rubbing my finger into my hand. "Well, Mr. Liam. Can I go now or do you need me for one of your press stories? 'One Direction helps homeless! ' I can see it now." I mocked, waving my hands in the air like I had just laid out a big banner in front of me.  

Liam looked absolutely appalled at my sneering gestures. "I'm not doing this for the publicity. You looked like you needed help and I am here to provide." He said firmly. He seemed like such a father figure. It annoyed the crap out of me. "Well, thanks." I said dryly. "But the only reason I'm staying for now is this killer bed. Best thing ever." I said before climbing back into the bed and covering myself under the covers, they seemed to be made out of satin. I heard a few creaks here and there and realized Liam had gone out of the room. Huh, good. I didn't need any of his charity.  

And I definitely did not want to be another press story.

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