Camp Half-Blood

Percy Jackson has returned from Olympus after giving Zeus back his Lightning Bolt. But that doesn't mean anything in Camp Half Blood, and it's back to training. But when a new arrival comes in, he is intrigued at their strangeness and he soon finds out, uniqueness.

*This is based on and after the first film, so excuse any mistakes. I'm going to read the books soon, I've wanted to for a while now.


5. Wings

White feathers then stretched from the backless shirt she was wearing underneath. "Whoa," I said, while stepping closer to her. "I know. They only started growing last week, but they're already fully grown," she explained. Her eyes were glued to the whiteness of the feathers, they were glowing almost. I reached out towards them, they flinched, but relaxed at the feel of my hands, almost like an untamed animal. "Can you fly?" I asked, curious to know. She shrugged, "I haven't tried to be honest. I'm scared I might injure myself." She was holding her arms, obviously self conscious as to why they had grown for no reason or explanation. "I think I know why I've grown wings," she stated, not very confident in her answer. "Why?" I asked, I couldn't think of anything. "Well, my Father is Eros after all, and he has wings. So, I must have inherited them from him." That did make sense thinking about it actually.


"I'm surprised you didn't notice them earlier actually, when we were swimming." She laughed lightly, while kneeling down to Tala, who was sitting there, swaying her tail from side to side. She rubbed her belly as she rolled onto her back, Delilah smiled. "Percy, please don't tell anyone," she quickly said. While standing up in a hurry. "I wouldn't even dream about it, like I said, you can trust me." She smiled, and nuzzled herself into my arms and wrapped her arms around me. She pecked me on the lips and giggled. "Thank you," she said, while drowning her sight with my eyes. I had to ask myself then. Since she isn't a Demigod. Will she have to leave? 



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