Camp Half-Blood

Percy Jackson has returned from Olympus after giving Zeus back his Lightning Bolt. But that doesn't mean anything in Camp Half Blood, and it's back to training. But when a new arrival comes in, he is intrigued at their strangeness and he soon finds out, uniqueness.

*This is based on and after the first film, so excuse any mistakes. I'm going to read the books soon, I've wanted to for a while now.


4. The Truth

"Delilah," I said lightly after a minute of thinking. She sniffed back the tears, and hesitantly looked up encase I was going to say something that would break her heart. "Yes," she said, trying to sound confident. I still didn't quite know my answer, but I was leaning in one direction. She the gazed into my eyes, as if they were stars, and smiled. I kissed her. She was more surprised than I was, but she didn't refuse. In fact, she embraced it. She kissed me back, her hands on my chest. She gripped slightly at my shirt, but one of her hands slipped up from my chest and curled around my neck. And she brought herself closer into my body. My hands held themselves around he waist, and brought her closer. After a minute or so, we brought back our own lips.  "I don't think I need to say anything else, do I?" I asked. I rested my forehead against hers, she didn't move, except from her mouth, which smiled. "No, not at all. Actions always speak louder than words ever can," she said with a rather wise tone to it. She tucked a strand of hair behind her hair, and looked into my eyes. She simply smiled. She pecked a kiss on my lips, and released her embrace on me.


She then went to Tala, who was asleep. She knelt down with one knee, and stroked the wolf's white fur. She looked calmer than she did before, and a little more relaxed. I suddenly heard a knock on the door, Delilah suddenly stood up, her eyes wide with worry. "If it's anyone asking where I am, say you don't know." She pleaded, I nodded, then so did she. I peered around first, to see it was Grover. I opened the door, not sure on what he was going to do, or what he was going to say. He was leaning against the door frame, but stood when the door opened in his usual hands on his, head lifted manner. But he his smile was much more wide. "Percy!" he said in a booming, loud voice. He peered over his shoulder nervously, but was still grinning. "I was just about to join the daughters of Aphrodite for a party, wanna come?" I laughed, typical Grover, always after them, and any girl that's attractive. I laughed, imagining Grover not being a lady's man. "I'm good Grover," he nodded. "Okay then I best be off then..." he trailed off when he looked behind me.


"Percy!! Quick it's a wolf!" I looked around to see Tala walking towards us. I looked at Grover, not quite knowing what to say. But the burst into laughter. "What's so funny?! It's a WOLF!" he almost screamed. I held my hand out, and the wolf pup brushed against my skin. Grover then grew curious, "When did you get a pet wolf?" he said. Taking baby steps towards the Tala, cautiously lifting his hooves high. "She's actually mine," Delilah said while strolling to us. She smiled at Grover, who was thinking something out. I could easily guess that he thinks that there's something going on between us, yes he's right, but still. "So..." Grover said, trying to think of what the next line is, hopefully it wasn't a question. "I'm gonna go then, bye." And he quickly dashed off, but occasionally glanced back at us.


I rolled my eyes, and closed the door. "You okay?" Delilah asked, holding Tala in her arms. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be. But I could do with a swim," I walked to my bedroom, and rummaged the wardrobe. "Being the son of Poseidon means you must like the water?" she asked, but generally knew the answer. "Yeah, and being the daughter of Artemis must mean you love the Moon and forest?" I asked with a tone of a joke to it. I grabbed my swimming trunks, and then looked over to Delilah. "Yeah, our parent's blood kinda decide our personalities, not much freedom to it then." She then spotted the trucks in my hands, "Oh sorry." She said, laughing and quickly fled from the room. I quickly changed, and then went to the small pier at the back of cabin, stretching across the lake.


She was there already, sitting on the edge, dangling her bare feet in the water. Tala was curled up next to her, soaking in the moon's rays. I dipped my body into the cold water, but knew I would quickly get accustomed to it. Delilah smiled, and lifted her head high to the moon like a wolf does when howling. "It's strange how you thought of my Mother's traits to question, and not my Father's. Though, I have only recently received a gift from his blood-line." She flicked her dark, tinted red hair behind her shoulders, and then gave into the urge. Letting her body slip into the water, and float with ease. "What did you receive from your Father?" I asked, while watching her dip her head under the water for a moment. She fluttered the water from her eyes, and resumed speaking. "You wouldn't of noticed, I used an enchantment. I'll show you when we're out of the water." She postponed the event, and dived under the water. When she didn't return after a moment, I sunk under the surface to look for her.


She was swimming underneath the waterline like a creature of such balance and beauty. The way she swam reminded me of a sea-lion, with the sharp turns and water aerobatics. A bubbled then formed from her mouth, and she returned to the surface, gasping for air. For a moment I thought she had abilities like I did, to breathe underwater for short periods of time. But that couldn't be possible, only the children of Poseidon have those powers. She continued gulping oxygen and diving down for a minute, for a good 10 or 15 minutes. Each time she could stay under there for a second or so longer. And each time, she's get happier with herself


After an hour or so, we both sat on the pier, and dried in the moonlight. Delilah looked at me, "You cold?" she asked. Not looking cold herself, just leaning back and basking in the Moonlight. "A little, but I'm fine, comes with getting out of the water, getting cold." She grinned, and then stood to her feet. "Did you want to see my Father's gift?" she suddenly remembered. I stood up too, "Yeah sure. But let's go inside, it's warmer." She laughed, "Good plan." We both quickly rushed inside, with Tala running behind us. I quickly changed into something warmer while Delilah closed the back door. I didn't quite know what to expect when she meant gift, but I trusted her. She stood there in the living room, awkwardly grasping her arm. "Are you ready?" she asked. I suddenly got nervous, and I started to shake. But I swallowed it down, "Ready when you are," I said shivering almost. It was then that she removed the jumper she was wearing, I wasn't sure why. But then I saw why.

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