Camp Half-Blood

Percy Jackson has returned from Olympus after giving Zeus back his Lightning Bolt. But that doesn't mean anything in Camp Half Blood, and it's back to training. But when a new arrival comes in, he is intrigued at their strangeness and he soon finds out, uniqueness.

*This is based on and after the first film, so excuse any mistakes. I'm going to read the books soon, I've wanted to for a while now.


3. Delilah's Story

"Did that actually happen!?" I heard someone almost shout. The story about Delilah and the wolf was all that people could talk about at dinner, and everyone was crowded around Annabeth as she talked about how the wolf chased her. I didn't need to hear the story, so I went to the food table. I grabbed a wooden bowl, and grabbed some cheese, crackers, chunks of steak and two apples. Looking around for anyone, I quickly took another bowl and filled it with grapes, and walked quickly to my cabin. On the way, I heard footsteps, I walked quicker, knowing that it would be Chiron, telling me to return the bowls. We've always been told to not take the bowls away from the eating area. I finally got to my Cabin, being the only offspring of Poseidon meant no-one else lived here, which was sometimes lonely. I shut the door, and quickly sat at the table.


A knock at the door interrupted my bite into the apple, I settled the apple on the table and chewed as I peered around the wall to the door. Trying to shrink encase it was Chiron, but it wasn't, it was Delilah. It was handy to have a glass door sometimes, I gladly opened the door. But she looked awkwardly to the ground, and twisted her foot around in circles. I held to door open, and watched her for a moment, but she eventually looked up to me. "Hey Percy," she said faintly. She smiled, and looked down to her feet again. "Are you okay Delilah?" I asked, lowering my head trying to look into her eyes. She nodded, but then shook her head. Her left arm grasped her right arm, with her nails digging into her skin. "Come in Delilah," I held the door open. She looked behind her, and then glanced down and then back to me. It was then I noticed a small white dog sitting there quietly, panting. "Can she come in? She won't make a mess, I've trained very well, I think." I nodded, and Delilah smiled. She looked down to the dog, and patted the side of her leg, and the dog happily bark, and followed her in through the door.


I closed the door after them, I looked at the dog who was standing next to my feet, tilting her head up at me. Delilah whistled, and she ran after her. I followed the pair of them into my living room, "Wow." She spun in circles as she looked around the room, amazed at what was here. She stopped after a moment, and stumbled slightly, from being dizzy I'm guessing. I smiled, and laughed slightly. She turned to me, and laughed lightly. The dog was running after it's tail which made me dizzy myself almost. "This is Tala, she's actually a wolf, but she's still a pup. I found her in the woods a few days ago, she told me she was abandoned." I looked down to Tala, who was still happily running after her own tail still. "She's very domesticated," I stated. I sat down to the table, and bit into the apple once again. "Yeah," Delilah sat across from me, and looked to the lake, and smiled. "You have a lovely home here Percy." Her head resting in her hand, she was in a trance, looking at the wildness of the forest in the distance.


"It is, it's just a bit..." I trailed off, and bit the apple to distract myself. "A bit what?" she asked. She looked to me, "It's perfect, what else could be needed here?" She genuinely seemed confused, "Lonely." I explained, finishing my sentence. She breathed out quite heavily, and looked back to the lake. "There are more lonely places on Earth, believe me." The wind breathed in, moving my hair slightly. "What do you mean by 'believe me'?" I watched her, but she didn't turn to the question. "It's a story, not a short answer," she quickly warned. I leant in to her, and she turned. "We have all night," I reminded her. She smiled.


She turned herself around to me, and looked at me as I sat back up in my chair. "Well... When I was born, I was left in an Orphanage, which is where I mostly grew up in. But when I was thirteen, I left. With no money, no home, no friends, but still I left. I didn't want to spend another second in that place, I will never forget that place, but not for a good reason. It has been since then that I've learnt some independence, and not to trust people. And I haven't since, but there is one exception, cause I've learnt to trust you. I still don't know why, but there's something about you Percy, that I can't help but..." and she trailed off. She looked down at Tala, who was curled up in a ball. She stretched out her hand, and stroked the pup's back. It's tail started to wag happily, and Delilah smiled.


"But it's understandable why I was left in an Orphanage," she quickly added. This sparked more interest, "Why?" I asked, leaning towards Tala, trying to catch her eye. But she sighed, "Cause both my parents are Gods." My eyes grew wide with curiosity, I bit the apple to stop myself from shouting a question. Delilah looked to me, and sat back into her chair. She started to breathe rather heavily now, "Would I be rude if I asked who your parents are?" I questioned about a question. "I want to tell you, but if you told anyone, it would ruin their name." She explained and sighed. "Delilah, I wouldn't tell anyone, trust me." I almost whispered while leaning in. She smiled, her eyes slightly watering as if she was about to cry. She sniffed and then leant in closer to me. "So you promise not to tell anyone, dead or alive?" This must have been why she was so shy to start with, encase she would tell anyone about her parents. I nodded.


She adjusted herself so she was sitting right in front of me, she leant in so close that our heads were only a few centimeters away. She breathed out again, heavily, licked her dry lips, and blank several times. "My Father is Eros and my Mother is..." she started to panic almost. "And my mother is..." she repeated. She really didn't seem comfortable about this, or she was just nervous, or both. "My Mother is Artemis..." She suddenly puffed out all the air in her lungs, as if she had done something wrong and was caught. It was then I remembered Artemis is a Maiden-Goddess, and swore not to fall in love with any man, and to stay a virgin. That does explain a lot though. How she can summon and talk to animals. Delilah suddenly started to cry, I stood up and came to her side. She buried her face between her crossed arms on the table, "I have failed my Mother," she pushed through her tears. I knelt down next to her, and looked at her. "Delilah, everything will be fine," I said trying to calm her. Less tears fell from her eyes as she lifted her head from her arms, and sniffed the remaining ones. She stood up to her feet, and I followed.


"But Percy, I've failed her. Even though she herself promised it and broke it by having me, I have broken the same vow." She looked into my eyes, water still occupied them. She then wrapped her arms around me, which startled me, but I put my arms around her. "What vow?" I asked while placing my head on hers. "Do you remember earlier when I said, 'there's something about you, that I can't help but'?" she asked, answering a question with a question. "Yeah I do," recalling the earlier conversation. She loosened her hold on me, and looked up at me. "That last word was love Percy," she said.


It all made sense, her Mother vowed not to love a man. But, did she? I looked into her eyes, which seem to glow like the moon now. "Delilah? Do you love me?" I asked, not wanting to upset her. She nodded, and returned her head into my chest and held me tightly. But now I had to ask myself, do I love her?

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