Camp Half-Blood

Percy Jackson has returned from Olympus after giving Zeus back his Lightning Bolt. But that doesn't mean anything in Camp Half Blood, and it's back to training. But when a new arrival comes in, he is intrigued at their strangeness and he soon finds out, uniqueness.

*This is based on and after the first film, so excuse any mistakes. I'm going to read the books soon, I've wanted to for a while now.


2. Another Win

That wasn't only the game of today, there was another after lunch. Lunch was the same, but unlike other games of Capture the Flag where I'm charging trying to find the opponents flag, I was helping Delilah. So I hadn't worked up an appetite. I couldn't find Grover anywhere, he must be eating or talking to some girls. I quickly took an apple from the food table, and stole away into the forest, I didn't feel like talking to anyone. I felt like swimming, but I didn't have to time to unfortunately. I walked through the forest, hearing people's laughter and conversations fade in the distance. I bit into my apple, sure that no-one was around. I leant against the tree, and looked into the distance. The still lake glimmered in the warm summer light. I gladly soaked in the sun's rays myself. I horn blurred from behind me, ending lunch and starting the next game. I quickly finished my apple, and ran back to join my team.


This game was quicker paced than this morning's game. I was running through the forest, looking in every direction every other second, not letting my guard down. I stopped when I came to the location where I had first heard Delilah speak earlier. Her blood was no longer amongst the stone, must of been washed away by the river. I splashed across the river and scanned around myself. It was then in the corner of my eye I spotted a splash of red amongst the tree. The flag! That sparked something in my legs and I was running full pelt. It was like my first game. But hopefully it will be easier... With no opponents to defend myself against. I cautiously stepped towards the flag, looked around, and seized it. But my hand was blocked by a sword.


"Think it's that easy?" I turned to see Annabeth. Yep, this was just like my first game. It was then I noticed there was a ring of people around me, blocking me from my advantage point, the river. "You're the only blue left," she stated. She stepped closer, her sword still pointing at me. I swallowed the lump in my throat. "So I don't count?" I looked around, but couldn't find the owner of the voice. Neither could Annabeth, "Up here!" they called. I looked up into the branches of the trees to see Delilah, happily sitting on a branch. Annabeth seized her sword from pointing at me, everyone around was looking up there too. "How is you being up there going to be of any help to him?" Annabeth asked, swinging her sword around. "Who said I was going to help him?" that's when I died a little inside. But this angered Annabeth, "Then why distract me?!" she threw her sword to the ground and placed her hands on her hips impatiently.


"Why not. But I am going to help, just not actually me." What? How was that going to work? Delilah jumped from the tree and landed right in front of Annabeth, laughing. Annabeth backed away from her, "So what are you going to-" but she was cut off when Delilah held up her hand. She then opened her mouth, and sung a short, but blissful tune. Annabeth just seemed to question her actions, "What was that supposed to achieve?!" she screamed. Picking up her sword and running towards Delilah who had no weapon, but stopped when a rustle came from a nearby bush. Which was then followed by a low, but angry growl.


From the bush, out stepped a grey wolf. Everyone standing in the circle scattered and ran. Annabeth on the other hand stood there, frozen. The wolf circled around the three of us a few times, always watching Annabeth. It's dark blue eyes were wild, but at the same time tamed. It sudden stopped walked, and went to Delilah, and stood at her side. She knelt to the wolf's side, and whispered into it's ear. The wolf looked up to her, and seemed to nod. She stroked it's back, and before I knew it, it was growling again. It was prowling, walking towards Annabeth. It barked angrily. It was then that Annabeth's legs unfroze, and the wolf chased her back into the forest.


I looked to Delilah, who was smiling as she watched the wolf run off. I walked over to her, "How did you?" the words got stuck in my throat. She looked up at me, and laughed. "Now we're even," she smiled, and then walked to the flag. And stroked her hand down the pole, "Come on then Percy," she obviously wasn't bothered about claiming the flag herself. I walked to her, still not sure how she summoned the wolf. This just confused me more about who her parents were. I gripped the flag, and lifted it into the air. And the horn echoed around the forest once again. Delilah smiled at me, and watched as the wolf came back to her side. Panting, and seemed to be smiling.

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