Jenna was 13 when she had thought of the idea of being a foreign exchange student from a stranger when she went on vacation with her Grandma. She then told her two best friends Kylie and Scarlett which then had them thinking of the same idea. They all save their money and become foreign exchange students when they turned 16, in London, England, there becomes a mix_up and end up meeting new people along the way....who happen to end up being, X Factor Boy Band ONE DIRECTION!! how with foreigners from Louisville, KY survive the adventure?? Will it be the semester of their lifetime or will it be complete chaos??


2. Should we really?

(Scarlett's P.O.V)

"This idea of a foreign exchange student does sound cool though. I mean living with a stranger that you never have met before, in a country that you never have been before, people that you don't know, and pay thousand of dollars to go to school, does sound so much fun!" I say sarcastically.

  "You're being an ass! You have to try something new every once in a while or it won't get you anywhere in life!" Kylie exclaims.

"I'm just being safe here! We saw Taken... Remember how they became sex-slaves and got all drugged up and ya know what happened... I don't need to give details!"

      "Well I mean it is just a thought here, Scar... Kylie's right don't be an ass! Can you imagine experiencing a new environment and see different cultures? I mean we read about it in books but that's boring! Wouldn't it be so much fun to do something like study a semester or maybe a full year in England? Or something like that? At least think about it?" Jenna shrieks while I still think.

    Hmm... I do need to be more social and at least be adventurous?  I mean we aren't really going to sign up or even try to tell our parents about the whole being an "actual foreign exchange student" thing...are we? Nah I mean WE don't have a clue about being a foreign exchange student or how much it cost, and even the fact that... never mind.. the bottom line is we have no clue!

"You know what.... we should check out some websites about this whole "foreign thing". I mean   we have to know some info anyway if we actually wanna do it?"

"My Gosh, Scar that's a GREAT IDEA!!!" Kylie says excitedly.

   WOAH, WOAH, WOAH.... What just happened to me? Did I just seriously blurt that out? I was just thinking to myself on how much of a bad idea it was?! On second thought... I should just enjoy the roller coaster that's life :)


(Jenna's P.O.V)

  I pull out my laptop and went to Google. --To be honest Bing sucks-- I type in the search engine: Foreign Exchange Student Programs in London, England. A lot of websites pop up.

"Oh...What about this one?' Kylie says as she points to


I click on the website and go to UK>Student exchange>Year abroad>More>Program Description. I scroll the page slowly and we all read to ourselves.

"Damn it... it doesn't show the cost." Scarlett stated.

"Let's find out shall we?"

I hit a new tab up at the top and typed in: How much do foreign exchange student programs cost in London England? Nothing specific really pops  up but we came across lots of what people answered. It was all different but it said it could cost to about.... 2,000 thousand dollars.



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