Jenna was 13 when she had thought of the idea of being a foreign exchange student from a stranger when she went on vacation with her Grandma. She then told her two best friends Kylie and Scarlett which then had them thinking of the same idea. They all save their money and become foreign exchange students when they turned 16, in London, England, there becomes a mix_up and end up meeting new people along the way....who happen to end up being, X Factor Boy Band ONE DIRECTION!! how with foreigners from Louisville, KY survive the adventure?? Will it be the semester of their lifetime or will it be complete chaos??


5. PLEASE?!!!

(Jenna's POV)

"Hey Girls, it's time to wake up! It's about 12:00 and your parents will be here in about 2 hours."

Mmmm-ughhh, I groaned, "Okay Mom we are up now."

I yelled as I was stretching and reaching my arms up to touch the headboard. Scarlett started to wake up since I yelled but Kylie is still in a deep sleep. 

"Scar, help me wake up Kylie... my mom said your parents will be here in about 2 hours."

" should we wake her up?"

I know Kylie is a deep sleeper. She sleeps through anything...LITERALLY! 

"Oh I know how to wake her up!" i shrieked as a sinister look came upon my face. "Let's dump ice water on her face!!!!!!!"

"Gee J...If she wakes up mad it's YOUR fault! but c'mon!"

We run downstairs and grab two plastic cups out of the cabinet. We got ice and water out of the fridge and then quickly ran back upstairs so that my mom doesn't think we are up to something.

"1...2....3" I whispered quietly.

(Scarlett's POV)

"GO!" I whispered back to Jenna as we poured our cups of water on Kylie.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell is wrong with you?!!!"

"Your awake finally!!!!!!!!!!!" J and I yelled as we were laughing hysterically.


"Kylie come yo tits! you know your so hard to wake up and we decided to do this! it was Jenna's idea though.... but still you should've seen your face!!

"WHATEVER!!!!" She yelled madly. "You know what they say....PAYBACK"s a BITCH!"

OOoooo...I'm scared. NOT! but I'm glad she didnt get as mad as i thought she was going to be.

(Kylie's POV) 

UGhhh, IM soaked and im freezing cold! I look in my bag for my change of clothes. With my bad luck they aren't in there but I will get them back but i dont know yet on what I am going to do...It's gonna be BAD!

"By the way, your mom is gonna be here in about 2 hours."

"Okay and J,  I will NEVER forget this moment! do you have a change of clothes for me to borrow? 


She passed me a cute AERO shirt and jean shorts that are pretty short but it doesnt make me look like a slut at all.

(reader's POV)

K:"When our parents get here... should we talk to em about our idea?"

S&J:"Yeah we should so they at least know what we want to do."

K:"okay... we need to at least print stuff out and show them so that they know exactly we want to do... can we use your laptop?

J:"Yeah sure."

They printed out some info about the Foreign Exchange Student Program. Convincing them wasn't going to be easy!


(2 hrs later) (Jenna's POV)

"Girls your parents both of your parents are here."

"okay, Thanks mom."

"C'mon, we need to go talk to them now."

I say to Kylie and Scarlett as I grabbed the papers and went downstairs. They followed behind me grabbing all of their things."

(Reader's POV)

All the Mom's sat in the living room waiting for their daughters to come down.

K:"We have something we want to talk to you guys about..."

As Kylie said that, all the moms had a confused and concerned look on their face wondering what on earth 3 teenage girls were up to.

S: "Last night all 3 of us came up with an idea, but it was mainly Jenna. We want to talk to you guys about it and want to know your opinions."

K:"Our plan does cost quite a lot of money but the experience is worth it. We would get an education out of it too."

The moms still have a concerned look on their face but they nod.

J:" We want to become Foreign Exchange Students in London, England!

The moms' faces change from concerned to shocked and confused.


J:"I got the idea on vacation?? but anyway we did our research and we talked about it almost all night long."

K:"It cost from about 5,000-10,000 dollars but we have to be older and we were thinking about when we are 16."

S:" We printed out the papers for you guys to look at and think about.... So what do you guys think??"

Mrs.Susan(k's mom): "Girls, do you realize how much money that is? You guys are only 13 and by the time your 16 you just start getting jobs and usually the time you start saving for a car not to go to the other side of the world for like a YEAR to go to school?/ That's why we have Public schools."

Mrs.Leslie(s's mom):"Yeah, she's absolutely right plus you don't know if its safe? Plus when your 16, im pretty sure all 3 of you guys want a Sweet 16, a car, and a lot of other things for about the same amount in total.

Mrs.Veronica(j'smom): "I totally agree but you know for you guys we will look into it but we are not promising anything. It's 3 years away and a lot will happen. You never know what you will end up wanting in the future. You might change your minds and go in separate directions. you just never know??"

J:"Okay... but please look into it!!!  

K:"Yeah i know that it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and the experience would AMAZING!"

S:"Just please promise us you will look into it???"

Moms':Okay, we will."

The moms had go in the car leaving Kylie, Scarlett, and Jenna to saying goodbye.

J: "Promise me that you guys will stick with our idea??? I know it will be in 3 years but you know we want to do it?"

K&S: "We Promise!!!"

They got in a group hug and got into their cars. They both pulled out of Jenna's Driveway. That was one long afternoon.  





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