Jenna was 13 when she had thought of the idea of being a foreign exchange student from a stranger when she went on vacation with her Grandma. She then told her two best friends Kylie and Scarlett which then had them thinking of the same idea. They all save their money and become foreign exchange students when they turned 16, in London, England, there becomes a mix_up and end up meeting new people along the way....who happen to end up being, X Factor Boy Band ONE DIRECTION!! how with foreigners from Louisville, KY survive the adventure?? Will it be the semester of their lifetime or will it be complete chaos??


3. Holy SHIT?!

(In this chapter i will label who's talking as J, K, and S for the reader's POV for less confusion)

(Jenna's P.O.V)

"$2,000 to 3,500 thousand dollars?" we screamed at the top of our lungs.

"Hey, keep it down up there! I have a migraine and I don't need three, 13 year olds screaming at the top of their lungs!" my mom told the us as she knocked on my bedroom door.

"Sorry, mom, we will." I said as she softly shushed Kylie and Scarlett.

(Reader's P.O.V)

K: "My God that's a lot of money! How are we supposed to raise that much money each?"

S: "Hmmm, I don't know?! Let"s see, well why don't we just grow a magical plant that grows gold corn and use that?"

J: "Scar, it's not time to be sarcastic, WE'RE SERIOUS!"

S: "Sheesshhh, come yo tits woman! I mean we are only 13, we have time to get a job and save all of our birthday and Christmas money? It said you have to be like at least 15 or something like that... If we do it when we are 16, we would save a ton of cash and after we mention this to our parents maybe they will help?"

K: "Yeah, that does sound like a good idea but do you think they will let us become Foreign Exchange Students?"

J: "Mmmm, Maybe? we can at least talk to them and see what they think? I really want to do this... More than anything in the world!"

K & S: "Yeahh, mee toooo!"

J: "Let's talk to them tomorrow? We can get all of your parents here and we will at least try to get them to consider?"

K: "That sounds like a good plan...."

They had been talking about the whole Foreign exchange thing for about 3 hours, and it was now 11:00. The rest of the night the girls had caught up with what they were doing over the summer. It will take quite a LLOOTTT of convincing for their parents to say yes...




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