Jenna was 13 when she had thought of the idea of being a foreign exchange student from a stranger when she went on vacation with her Grandma. She then told her two best friends Kylie and Scarlett which then had them thinking of the same idea. They all save their money and become foreign exchange students when they turned 16, in London, England, there becomes a mix_up and end up meeting new people along the way....who happen to end up being, X Factor Boy Band ONE DIRECTION!! how with foreigners from Louisville, KY survive the adventure?? Will it be the semester of their lifetime or will it be complete chaos??


4. Author's note

Vas happenin guys?

well.... im slowly working on this fanfic and i'm going to build it up. i don't want it to be too predictable...

comments so far??

and by the way this is my 1st and i have a big vision on how i want it to turn out! i really hope you guys will like it! 



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