Jenna was 13 when she had thought of the idea of being a foreign exchange student from a stranger when she went on vacation with her Grandma. She then told her two best friends Kylie and Scarlett which then had them thinking of the same idea. They all save their money and become foreign exchange students when they turned 16, in London, England, there becomes a mix_up and end up meeting new people along the way....who happen to end up being, X Factor Boy Band ONE DIRECTION!! how with foreigners from Louisville, KY survive the adventure?? Will it be the semester of their lifetime or will it be complete chaos??


1. The Thought...


     Jenna's P.O.V.

     I'm sitting in my room waiting for Scarlett and Kylie to come over and hang for the weekend. 7th grade ended a few weeks ago and we are on break. I just got back to my hometown in Louisville from Chattanooga, TN since I was on vacation there with my grandma from my dads side of the family.

   "Hey, Jenna... Someone's at the door for you!" my mother yells loudly from the laundry room since I'm upstairs.

"Ugh, okay... I'm coming!" I respond lazily as I walk out the door.

     "Hey, J! Oh my gosh! We missed you! Scar and I haven't seen you in forever!"

"Um, Kylie... You just saw me a when school ended just a few weeks ago!" I exclaimed, laughing with her.

     She laughed, "but we haven't hung out yet!" Scarlett said excitedly. She did have a point.

"Well anyways tell us about your trip!" Kylie shrieked, as I step out of their way and let them come in through the door and run up to my bedroom.



     Here's some info on us 3...

    Kylie Leigh-Anne Smith is absolutely GORGEOUS! For 13 years old she has the hips of a Victoria's secret model. She is so honest and can be a total bitch, heck we ALL can be! She's very trustworthy and hates drama-- who doesn't? Kylie is the type of person who will confront you and tell you the truth, like it or not! I wish more people can be like that! She's loud, outgoing, bubbly, sensitive, independent, weird,  & acts adorable. She's the kind of girl who knows how to stand up for herself and others including what she believes in. She's a person who puts others before herself. She's an amazing person that has a good heart. Oh, and she has an outstanding sense of humour. Scarlett and her are the main people to be sarcastic. The best part about her is she doesn't judge a book by it cover. I love her so much. 


   She has long dark brown hair with stunning hazel eyes that changes depending on her mood. A few freckles across her nose and cheeks. Matthew is her twin brother. He got really sick and was diagnosed with  brain cancer.--damn that boy's a fighter-- They were inseperable! She's about 5'1" while I'm 5'4" and Scarlett is about 5'1" too.


     Scarlett Elaine Robertson on the other hand hides who she really is under this 'tough girl act'. When you finally get to know her... You see this strong, determined person who is figuring out who she really is. Not a lot of people know this but her dad had passed away when she was four because he was a severe alcoholic. She doesn't remember much but we don't really talk about it.


      Well anyway appearance wise, she has Scarlett red hair -- no her mom didn't name her because of that-- blueish greenish eyes, glasses, and some pale freckles that you can see close up. She can sing really good, and she's smart, independent, trustworthy, outgoing, and probably the most sarcastic!


    Now you know about Scarlett and Kylie... Let me tell you about me... I'm Jenna Ambrielle Parker. I'm full Filipino and moved here to the states when I was about 4 or 5 -not really sure- and my birth dad had left my mom and I while she was 6 months pregnant. When we moved here, my mom met my dad now and I have 2 siblings. Everyone questions the relation to my dad and his side of the family because he's white/American and I'm tan and Filipino, but either way he's still my dad since he helps raise me. Appearance, well I have long black hair, dark-almost-black eyes, long legs, pretty tall for an asian (5'4"), and a lot of people say I'm pretty but I never believe them... Um my personality I guess you can say I'm really LOUD, funny, quite sensitive, fun, crazy, outgoing, athletic, pretty smart but I have so many blonde moments! _____________________________________________________________________________


 Jenna's P.O.V.

    I sit on my bed while Kylie sits on the floor and Scarlett sits on my tie-dye beanbag. We finish our conversation about my trip. "Okay, well I went to Nashville to stay with my grandparents just for the week while me and my grandma do this "Granddaughter-Grandmother Trip" every summer since about 3 years ago when I was 10. We decided to go to Chattanooga and--"

    "Chatta-Whatta? Where's that?" Scarlett says as she cuts me off.

"It's in Tennessee... You idiot." Kylie says with the look or are-you-forreal on her face, "We both did a project on it in grade school."

   "Oh yeah! But sorry J.. Go ahead!"

"Well now I forgot what I was gonna say. But... Oh you know how downtown in some cities you can ride those every 10-15 mins city buses for free?!"

  "Yeah." They both said.

"Well me and my grandma were riding one to go back to the hotel. I was looking out the window while my grandma was talking to the other family's grandma. I wasn't paying much attention but I saw how she glanced at me and asked them a question but I wasn't really sure what? So, we finally get off & I asked my grandma what she said."

   "Uhh huh," they both nod. Pretty sure there not getting any where with what I just said.

"Well apparently the woman thought I was my grandmas foreign exchange student?"

     "Woah like weren't you offended? I would've been! Like I think that's a rude comment to a stranger." Scarlett exclaimed. (reminder: my grandma and I don't look anything alike since she's white and American and I'm tan and Filipino...)

"I mean sorta but it wasn't her fault she didn't know. But since I was thinking... Wouldn't it be cool to be a foreign exchange student thought? You can go to another country and stay with a complete stranger who will care for you for probably 6 months to a year? I know I want to get out of Louisville and travel the world and experience new things! Wouldn't you want to?"

(Kylie's P.O.V.)

     "Yeah that actually does sound amazing! I mean same here there's not much to do here." I sighed giving a sad face.

"But actually my dad told me that if you stay somewhere new for a while you might be able to do the accent in the area! Since your accent is based on the people around you?" Jenna stated.

   "Oh yeah! But where would you wanna go?!" Scarlett asks with the look of are-you-sure-it's-safe on her face.

   "Well... hm." Jenna and I both think for a second then we blurt out, "England!"


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