Mr and miss niall horan

After niall got caught cheating on Taylor (Taye) in book one and him sleeping on her doorstep, he gets her back and proposes right then and there then. Now finally 18 year old taylor and 22 year old niall are having the honeymoon and wedding of there dreams!


5. Wedding days in a nervous haze

By the end of the rehersals taylor friends and family had come up from canada and were just hanging around with each other. On the wedding day taylor, Gemma, Kyla, Katy, berkley and Ruby all went to the salon to get there hair, makeup and nails done. After there 2 hour session they went back to the hotel to get ready. Taylor got on her dress and gave everybody there dresses to put on. "are we ready?" liam said walking in with taylors bouquet. "yes, i've been waiting my whole life for this!" liam took taylors hand and they walked out to the beach where the alter was. The tradidional here comes the bride song came on while the flower girl ruby went out and the bridesmaids kyla, katy, berkley and Gemma and then Liam said "good luck" and kissed me on the cheek and then he was gone walking down the alise to the guys side of the alter. John popped up beside taylor and said "daddy would be proud of you!" he took her hand and gotta be you started playing, Nialls jaw dropped and the biggest smile taylor had ever had crossed her face. She was scared to let go of john but she knew niall would take good care of her, taylor relized she was at the alter, john lifted up her veil and kissed her "i love you sis"! He said with tears in his eyes, they pulled away and niall took her hands. Taylor blanked out for the whole thing and then the next thing she knew "i now pronounce you mr. And miss niall horan! You may kiss your bride!" the pastor said. Niall and Taylor leaned in and started kissing. And then they walked down the alsie, finally together forever! After they left they went into the audidoruim where the after party was "you look wow!" niall said to Taylor. "thanks!" taylor said as she started to cry, niall started to cry to and then guests started coming in, it was dinner time, speech and dance time!
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