Mr and miss niall horan

After niall got caught cheating on Taylor (Taye) in book one and him sleeping on her doorstep, he gets her back and proposes right then and there then. Now finally 18 year old taylor and 22 year old niall are having the honeymoon and wedding of there dreams!


6. The after party

After dinner which niall wanted to be nandos,they had the speeches, louis was the MC so he was cracking jokes and having fun and then they called up John "good evening everyone and welcome to my sisters wedding, oh well i think i know where i'll start, umm.. First off that our dad unfortanantly couldn't be here today because he died of brain cancer when Taye was only 4 and i was 6, i had to become the man in the house at a very young age and help mom, me and taye were always looking out for each other and we were best friends pretty much because there are only 50-90 people that live in our town so its pretty much blahh! and then one day she came home from kylas house totally amazed by the xfactor and how cute this one boy was, so pretty much from day one shes been obbsessed with niall and then she met him and here they are today after knowing each other for 3 years!". After John it was taylors mom "hey! I'm Tayes mom and i had to raise Taylor and John all by myself because my husbands death and, as soon as Taylor got obbsessed with one direction she kinda started acting diffrent like she would cry everytime one direction came on tv and she'd start saying oh i'm never gonna have a chance with Niall! And look at you 2 today! You guys made out in the front of my house 11 days after you 2 met!" and with that she left. And then all of the boys got up on the stage and started singing. Taylor was pulled up on the stage by niall and they started ainging "gotta be you" and taylor started crying again. At the end everybody applauded and then it was onto the actual danceing part of the wedding
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