Mr and miss niall horan

After niall got caught cheating on Taylor (Taye) in book one and him sleeping on her doorstep, he gets her back and proposes right then and there then. Now finally 18 year old taylor and 22 year old niall are having the honeymoon and wedding of there dreams!


8. Honeymoon

The next day Taylor and Niall woke up from there deep sleep "last night was awesome!" said niall as he relized he had only a tie on, Taylor only had a top on which of which was nialls. They both rolled out of bed and got ready, they started by taking a shower and doing there hair. They got into there bathing suits and went out to the pool to have fun, after the pool they went to get lunch at the restraunt in the resort. After lunch they went to go sky diving. Something niall had wanted to do since he was little. After they went out to dinner and then went and had some more awesome adventures in the resort. At 11pm they returned to there hotel room and niall sat on the bed and talked to her "i was thinking, i just wanted to tell you that you found me by me becoming a star, we met by fate and we fell in love beyond control". He said to her she leaned in and started kissing him. The next 2 weeks were going to be awesome! Taylor thought to herself. And the next 2 weeks were awesome! They went surfing, rock climbing, swimming and went all over the world just because Taylors never been. And each and everywhere they went they got a picture kissing in front of all of the attractions. They went to carnavils and just were being each other together.
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