Mr and miss niall horan

After niall got caught cheating on Taylor (Taye) in book one and him sleeping on her doorstep, he gets her back and proposes right then and there then. Now finally 18 year old taylor and 22 year old niall are having the honeymoon and wedding of there dreams!


2. Dresses and things

"eek!" Gemma said as Taylor stood on the poduim showing off wedding dress number 6. Around her sat Gemma harrys sister, both of zayns sisters, and Liams sisters. All of the girls mouths dropped. "so i guess this is it!" taylor said as she looked at the price tag. 3240£, she still didn't get The currancy here so she asked gemma about it, well in canadian money this would be 300-400$" gemma said to taylor "holy crap! Thats cheap!" she took off the dress and put her pink skinny jeans, side top and black knee high boots back on. She went up to the counter to pay for dress. After she said bye to everyone except gemma who was going back to her and harrys step-dads house where them and the boys were currently living. They drove to the house and walked in. "hey hazzy, DJ Malik, Boo bear, daddy direction and Nialler!" Taylor called out as she and Gemma walked trough the door. She walked upstairs and into gemmas room where she placed her dress in the closet, "now gaurd with your life!" Taylor said to gemma. She walked into her and nialls room to see thr pigsty, she begain picking up all of the clothes off the floor and making the bed, she took all of the dishes down to the kitchen and went back upstairs, she changed into her comfy clothes. She went into harry and louis room and picked up all the clothes off the floor and shoved them into the basket, zayn and liams room wasn't that messy but she picked up all of the clothes and then went to gemmas room to do the same thing. She went downstairs again and started the laundry. She walked into the kitchen where the guys were fighting over what to eat, taylor walked in and shoved to veggie pizzas in the oven. "now you don't need to fight over it!" taylor said.
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