Cant a girl someday just live her life without being an outcast?
Well what if something amazing happens that makes you part of the click?
Just think about it someday that will happen......Hopefully


1. thy out cast

" face it julie your just nothing but a dumb OUTCAST!" that was the day that i realized someday i will show them. someday i will be cathy petterson. "Outcast Outcast your a stupid Outcast!" thats what i hear everyday.  I ran home crying on tuesday and thats when i met him. He was not ordinary... He was harry. The next day i updated my facebook sayin that i was just chillen with my new friend harry after 5 minuets i got messages saying things like " what freinds do you have...oh yeah none!" or "liar pants on fire". so i commented saying did i leave out his last name and everyone replyed back saying " what" so so i replyed back six letters in cap locks and the word was " STYLES" immeaditly every one requested ma as a friend. I thought to my self some day is today. then i said the out cast is the nobody but im not a nobody im a somebody.

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