Dear Audrey

"Dear Audrey,
I'm really scared and I don't know what to do please send help quickly, please be quick!!!"

There is a sixteen year old teen, Elektra Antress who lives in a care home with her twin sister Claire. One night her twin sister died of cancer so Elektra was all alone until, she got fostered to the Herbrides family. But her room has a crack in it, that stretches to the past. To a girl named Audrey.

There was only one thing she didn't know about the Herbrides, that might indanger Audrey and herself...


1. Sunset Night


Dearest Diary, it was a nice summers evening and me and Sophia were sitting at the bedroom window of the care home. We were spending the last two weeks together as the Doctors gave the sign of death to Sophia as her cancer was getting worse each month.


I feel angry, Diary, because Sophia had been there for me when it really matters and now they are just taking her away from me... It's not fair... I don't want her to die... she's the last remaining member of my family.

Please Diary, promise me she'll live...




Love Elektra



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