Dear Audrey

"Dear Audrey,
I'm really scared and I don't know what to do please send help quickly, please be quick!!!"

There is a sixteen year old teen, Elektra Antress who lives in a care home with her twin sister Claire. One night her twin sister died of cancer so Elektra was all alone until, she got fostered to the Herbrides family. But her room has a crack in it, that stretches to the past. To a girl named Audrey.

There was only one thing she didn't know about the Herbrides, that might indanger Audrey and herself...


2. Elektra's Diary


Dearest Diary, Today I feel so annoyed and angry. Sophia has just been to the hospital and the Doctors have given her the sign of death. I can't believe the doctor would do that to her! We have been sisters ever since we were I was born and Sophia has always been there for me without a doubt, when it really matters. You see... She has... Cancer. And she doesn't have much longer to live! I hate that word, cancer, so much! I wish it'd just be a star sign or it never exist! But I know there's nothing we could do about it. Diary, I don't want to lose Sophia. She's the only thing that keeps me happy during a bad day. I don't know what I'd do without my sister. It's not fair! Why did she had to have cancer!? Why can't anyone to anything about it!? Last night, the night before she went in the hospital, I couldn't sleep. So I snuck out my room and entered her room. She wasn't expecting me to go inside her room in the middle of the night and you could tell by the looks of her face. "Electra, your not suppose to be here" she whispers. Sophia was laying on top of a bunk bed, of course she wasn't the only one in room number 15, there were other orphans inside too. The room was very small, so small that people could hardly move nor breath so they had to open the windows or door every night. "Sophia, I couldn't sleep" I replied, rubbing my eyes. Sophia smiles and nods her head. "Come up here" Sophia sighs, leaving another space for me. I slowly climbed up without an sound. When I managed to make it she wraps me around her left arm and brushes her right hand through my hair. I felt less scared and more safe being around my sister. I couldn't last a day without being with her, she was my twin. "Sophia, I don't want you to go" I said. Sophia hugs me tighter as I felt much more warmer. "Do you remeber what mum and dad used to say to us before we went to sleep?" She asks. "Um... Good night?" I replied. She giggles and shooks her head. "No, silly, besides that" Sophia smiles. She began to gently pat my arms and slowly moved left and right, it was as if I was swinging on an swing. "Goodnight, sleep tight. Promise us you'll always be sisters and won't fight" Sophia reminds me. I nodded, sleepily, before letting my eyes close.


Dairy, something awful happened last night. I woke up this morning and tried to wake up Sophia, but she wouldn't respond. I tried to wake he up, but she wouldn't. I screamed for the nurse, and she called on the Doctors. After test and test later, they announced she had died in her sleep. Thats when I screamed no. I was raging at one of the nurses, then she left me in our old room. I decided to write my final entry to you Diary. I'm sorry but I can't write anymore, not with Sophia gone. One day, I'll write in here again, but just not now.


I love you Diary, best wishes... Elektra...



With that, Elektra put down her pen and shut the Diary. Turning round, she saw that on her bed there was a letter. Elektra looked up and saw the wall glow faintly. But it wasn't the wall that was important... it was the crack within it that glowed.

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