Daughter of a killer


1. One

It was about a week after my 16th birthday and my aunt Bella had just came and sat next to meon the sofa.I had lived with Bella since I was two and up until now I had always thought that my parents died in a car crash.

" Hey Lee can we talk?" My aunt said, Lee was short for my real name Leanne.

"Sure" I replied.

We were talking for ages just about college and responsibilities now that I was sixteen when she dropped the bombshell that my parents are alive. Well one of them anyway. Bella slowly searching for the right words explained that my mum was alive but was in prison. I asked about my dad as she hadn't mentioned.

"Well sweetie, that's why your mums in prison, she killed your father."

"Don't 'sweetie' me, why are you only telling me this now? I thought both of my parents died in a car crash just before my second birthday." I practically screamed blinking back tears.

I ran out of the room, out of the house and stopped when I know longer had the energy to run any further.

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