What happened in my school assembly... True Story.


1. First Impressions

The teacher took a good look at the faces of the 330 students that would have him as their head of year in September. He stepped forward acknowledging an encouraging nod from our current head of year.

He spoke about first impressions. What we would think of him. He spoke about previous years, and about their legacy's. He spoke about how he wanted us to create a legacy for our year group. He showed us pictures of Usain Bolt, Queen Elizabeth II and other famous people.

He told us they each had their own legacy. He said that previous years had left the legacy of best exam results, most sporty. He wanted our legacy to be different, to mean something special.

As we listened to the teacher drone on and on. It made me think about what I could do, what my legacy could be. I'm shy, what could I do? Cooking, reading? Not much of a start point.

Soon the assembly was over and all thoughts of legacys were swept away as we were rushed into the major crowds in the school.

True Story.

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