Dreams Really Do Come True

Lexi was a huge fan of One Direction, and has always dreamed of meeting them. But when her dream really comes true, is it such a good thing?


3. The Trip

After Fangirling for months and months, it was finally time to go to the concert!! We had to go all the way to the U.S., But it's worth it. "Alright girls, remember stranger danger, use your flexibility to hurt people for self defense if you need to. You know how people at concerts are." My mum said. I giggled. "It's cool mum we're only going to be in the U.S. for a few days!" she shook her head. "You may be 18, but you're still my baby." I laughed, and Rory and I drove to the airport. We got through security, and were soon on the plane. The ride wasn't long at all surprisingly, but maybe that was because I slept the whole way there. We got off the plane, and took a taxi to our hotel. We reached our room, And settled in. My hair was SUPER greasy, and we wanted to go out. So I took a shower while Rory went to get some drinks and ice. Rory left the room while I was still unpacking. I heard a bang on the wall, and then a ton of boys laughing. The laughs sounded a little familiar, but I shrugged and ignored it. But then I heard more laughing. Music blasting. It was so irritating. I didn't want to look stupid, so I put my hair in a messy bun and walked over to the obnoxious boys' room. I knocked on the door, and a really cute boy with brown curly hair and sparkling green eyes opened the door. "Hello?" He said with a stunning british accent. There were 4 other boys jumping on the beds, fooling around and eating pizza behind him. Then I noticed it. It was HARRY STYLES That opened the door, and One Direction was partying in the hotel next to me. "Hello???" Harry asked again. "Hi. I'm Lexi and i'm in the room next to you, and- "And you're a big fan and you want an autograph?" Harry cut me off. "No I am a fan, but I just just wanted to ask you to keep it down for a little bit please?" I asked trying not to freak. "Of course love. "GUYS! QUIET IT DOWN A LITTLE! THIS LOVELY GIRL NEXT DOOR IS GETTING DISTURBED!" Harry told the boys. I blushed as he turned back to me and winked. "Well I should get going we're about to do a twitcam and stuff so yeah." He said. "Oh thanks for letting me know! I'll be watching it next door!!" I said He laughed. "Well okay then uh..Lexi is it?" "Yeah." I said. "Well we'll give you a shoutout during the twitcam tonight!" He said smiling. "Okay bye!" I said walking away. "bye love." He replied. I walked back to my room and jumped into the shower. I came out, and Rory was sitting on the couch watching TV eating chips. I got changed and took my laptop out. "Hey Roy, Harry's doin a twitcam tonight! He just tweeted the link lets get there early so we can be one of the first to get a shoutout!!" I said clicking the link to see Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn on screen. "Hi guys! What's up? I think we'lldo some shoutouts!" Harry said. 

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