Dreams Really Do Come True

Lexi was a huge fan of One Direction, and has always dreamed of meeting them. But when her dream really comes true, is it such a good thing?


4. The Shoutout

"This first one is to someone we just met a few minutes ago, Hello Lexi, I don't remember your last name, but you are in the hotel room right next to us! Hope you're out there! You said you'd watch!" Harry said. You laughed at his cute voice. "Wow isin't that girl lucky! And isin't it a coicedence we're in a hotel and That girl's name is Lexi!" Rory said. "Roy, that's me." I replied to One Direction. 

I'm out here! You're not bothering me anymore! ;) 

"WE'RE IN THE HOTEL ROOM NEXT TO ONE DIRECTION?!?!?!?" Rory said screaming. "Rory, hold yourself back. DO NOT go barging in there. You could be arrested or something!!! We met because they were banging around so I went to go tell them to quiet down, and it was One Direction!" She was gasping for air. I could tell she REALLLY wanted to go and see them. I laughed and looked back at the screen Harry got up and said, "Be right back lads." And walked out the door. There was a knock on our door. I walked up and opened it, and there he was, Harry. "Hi Love! Would you like to make a little appearance on our twitcam?" He asked. Rory screamed. He looked confused. "Harry, i'd like you to meet someone. Rory, come here." She walked up to the door next to me. "Harry, this is my bestfriend Rory,also huge Directioner. Harry Rory, Rory Harry." "Hi there Rory!" Harry said. "Hello!" She said screeching. "So do you both want to come over?" He asked. "We would love to!" I said. I seemed cool inside, but really, I was FREAKING. OUT. We walked in, to see Liam wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy. "We were recreating good twitcams." Liam said. I laughed, and Harry introduced us to the camera. "Everyone, this is Lexi, the girl I did the shoutout to, and this is her bestfriend Rory. Aren't they just charming?" He said. I giggled and blushed. We spend the rest at least ten minutes just chilling over twitcam. I felt so lucky! I always kinda noticed Harry would make a lot of eye contact with me...I don't know maybe I was just cool! :) After a while, I decided Rory and I should have left, and Harry walked us to the door. "Goodnight Loves!" He said. "goodnight." We said walking to our room. We settled into bed, and all Rory was doing was sitting there smiling at me. 

"Okay Roy. What's up?"

"YOU AND HARRY!!" she screamed.

"SHHH! Rory are you crazy?!?! He can hear us! And what about me and Harry?" 

"Oh please you saw him looking at you!" I rolled my eyes.

"He just thinks of me as another fan. Same with you and Niall." She gasped. 


"Oh Roy you know you will never be together. And neither will Harry and I. Now go to sleep!" She rolled her eyes and we both fell asleep.

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