Dreams Really Do Come True

Lexi was a huge fan of One Direction, and has always dreamed of meeting them. But when her dream really comes true, is it such a good thing?


1. Dreaming

Hello. I'm Lexi, 18 years old. I'm  a HUGE fan of One Direction. They're pretty much my LIFE. my room is full of their posters, I listen to their music 24/7, and have 20 shirts of them. Major fan. I have a boyfriend Josh, and he is really sweet and respects that I love 1D so much. He even helps hang up some of my posters sometimes! Sometimes I can tell he gets a little jealous when I talk about how much I love HARRY STYLES,   but its cool. I can see why...He's so dreamy... and cheeky....and funny.... ANYWAYS, my DREAM is to meet One Direction. I wish that same wish  with every 11:11, every time I see a shooting star, anything I can dream on. And this year, my dream might actually come true!!! Yes. I, LEXI, might actually meet ONE DIRECTION. My grandma is a freaking GOD because she got me and my best friend Rory tickets to see One Direction. The day we found out, we BOTH screamed for like 8 minutes straight! Well now me and Rory are on the verge of Backstage Passes!!! we are only $100 away! and that will be easy to get considering I babysit everyday, and i hae a job on the weekend, and Rory gets payed like $30 an hour everyday because she's an intern to a Lawyer! I am so excited because the concert is in like 18 days!!! 

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