Forbidden Lovers

When a 17 year old girl sees a boy sat on the opposite side of the river, she instantly falls for him. She does what ever it takes to try and get to know him. Things were going great until her father finds out and stops her from seeing him, will she be able to find a way to see her true love?


2. Perfect plan

After that, we sat up for nearly 3 hours, just sat on opposite sides of the riverbank, talking about nothing. Every time I heard him speak, I felt butterflies in my stomach. If he didn't have to leave, I know I would have stayed there all night just speaking to him. Something felt right when we spoke, there was definitely chemistry between us.

By the time I got home, it had just gone 3am. I had to be incredibly quiet so I didn't wake my father. He's a very light sleeper, and if I had woken him up, he probably would have stopped me from going to the river because of breaking my curfew. That would have been the worst punishment in the world, as me and Daniel had made plans for the next night to go down the the riverbank again.

No matter how hard I tried the next day, I couldn't stop thinking about him, nor could I contain my excitement for the upcoming night. I kept asking myself questions, like what colour his eyes were, and how tall he was. We were sat so close, but due to it being so dark that night, I could only see the silhouette of him.

In preparation for the night ahead, I took a long bubble bath, conditioned my hair, moisturized and put some of my best make up on. The chances of him actually being able to see me were low, but I wanted to look my best just in case he did get a glimpse.

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