Forbidden Lovers

When a 17 year old girl sees a boy sat on the opposite side of the river, she instantly falls for him. She does what ever it takes to try and get to know him. Things were going great until her father finds out and stops her from seeing him, will she be able to find a way to see her true love?


3. Dream night

It was time. Time for me to leave my house. Time for me to make that long walk towards the river. It normally takes me about half an hour to walk there, and it was sweltering outside, but in the end I knew it would all be worth it. I'd get to hear his amazing voice again.

Half way between my house and the river, I begun to get worried. I thought about how annoying I can be, how I can just drone on forever telling people stories. What if he didn't like me? I've only ever had a few boyfriends, and none have ever been serious. They've always broken up with me before the 3 month mark, and it was always some stupid excuse like 'I'm not ready for a commitment yet' or 'my mind isn't in the right place for me to be able to keep you happy' which I know is all lies, because a week later they always have a new girlfriend.

I managed to convince myself I was worrying over nothing. If he didn't like me in that way, then I'd be able to get over him easily. He didn't go to my school, and I hadn't seen him before the night before. I wouldn't have to see him everyday, which was always the problem when I had to try and get over my exes.

When I got to the riverbank, Daniel was already there, sat on the opposite side of the river. I sat on the rock I normally sat on whenever I went to the river and let him know I was there.

"Well hello Bekah." he said. I begun smiling like I did the night we met. His voice captivated me.

After about 3 hours of getting to know each other, I heard his phone bleep. It was a text from his mum telling him to get home. We said goodnight, and made plans for the next night. I didn't think until I got home to get his number. It would of been amazing to be able to text him all day then be able to sit and talk to him at night by the river.

Other than that, it was a perfect night.

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