The City Of Love

Hello I'm Hailie and this is my story, I am 17 almost 18.I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a wonderful attitude. My friend Lexi and I have always love One Direction while we are in Paris we get to meet them. Will this be true love or will we be just friends?


3. Triping love

Lexi's prov. he was so cute! I think I am in love I wonder if he feels the same way...... probably not because we just met.
Hailie's prov. eww... Lexi has that strange look in her eye. That look she gets when she likes someone... Wait! I am such a blonde... She. Likes. Niall!
"So what's your name? because I know you know my name." Niall asks Lexi
" I'm Lexi Carter" she says " And I'm Hailie Maher" I blurt out. "you want to hang out some time?" Niall asks "sure" we answer " here's my number 777-333-1234" I replied
Later that day Lexi and I were at the hotel just relaxing when my phone started to ring. I answered it. "hello?" "hey Niall" "hey hailie" "so what's up?" "nothing really but do you guys want to come over?" "Niall.... We don't know where you are staying." "oh right. Do you want me to pick you guys up?" "yea we are staying in the Hilton room 2035" "ok I will be there in 15 minutes" "ok bye" "bye" "LEXI!!" "what?" "Niall is on his way get ready!"
"what?! How long until he gets here?" "umm...12 minutes" "what? 12?" "yes 12 GO.GET.READY!" "ok" I was going to wear my pink high tops, dark skinny jeans, and my hello kitty top Lexi on the other hand was wearing her. White hight heels,Mint colored mini skirt ,with her white ruffle shirt as I came down the stairs Niall knocked on the door
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