The City Of Love

Hello I'm Hailie and this is my story, I am 17 almost 18.I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a wonderful attitude. My friend Lexi and I have always love One Direction while we are in Paris we get to meet them. Will this be true love or will we be just friends?


9. Hospital

I saw Niall making out with some girl the only thing I said was "why? What about lexi?" then I walked out of the room.  "Hailie! Hailie! Wait!" I turned around. "what Niall?" "you can't tell Lexi!" "watch me" I pulled out my phone and called Lexi. Right when she answered Niall slapped the phone out of my hand & tackled me down on the floor.I landed on my ankle  I heard something crack. Suddenly I had a pain in my leg. I started to cry. My leg hurt so bad! "Hailie I'm so sorry I didn't mean to!"
Then I saw Harry running out of the room. He saw my leg. He picked me up. " Niall go pull your car up to the front and RUN!" I was still crying. "what happened?" Harry asked. I managed to force out the words " I'll tell you later."
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