The City Of Love

Hello I'm Hailie and this is my story, I am 17 almost 18.I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a wonderful attitude. My friend Lexi and I have always love One Direction while we are in Paris we get to meet them. Will this be true love or will we be just friends?


7. Back at the boys hotel

When we got to the boys hotel Liam & Louis were playing a game. Then Zayn walked out of the bathroom. "Hey Hailie!".  "hey!".  "who is your friend?"   "oh that's Angel." He pushed me away from Angel "hello beautiful, I'm Zayn."   "I'm Angel nice to meet you Zayn." 
"nice to meet you too. Want to go to the park?" "sure!" Angel and Zayn walked out the room. Harry came up behind me and gave me a hug. "hey Harry!". "hey baby!" "baby? I'm your baby?" "only if you want to be." "I'll be your baby!" "so does that mean we are dating?" "yes mr.flirts!" "ok". Then he kissed me, I had to kiss him back I mean he was my boyfriend now. The kiss seemed to last forever I wish it did last for ever.
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