The City Of Love

Hello I'm Hailie and this is my story, I am 17 almost 18.I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a wonderful attitude. My friend Lexi and I have always love One Direction while we are in Paris we get to meet them. Will this be true love or will we be just friends?


5. Angel (old friend)

Hailie's prov: I sat on the couch as Lexi brought me my phone. Lexi told me " it's for you it's some chick named angel." I picked up the phone.
"ANGEL??! Is it really you?"
"yea girl!! How you been? It's been a while!"
"I have been good! How about you? Yes it has! How long? 2 years?"
"I'm fine! And yea about two years!"
"wanna meet up? Like today or something?"
" YES!! I would LOVE to! Where at?"
"How about the park?"
"ok! I'll be there in 15 minutes! See ya then!"
"ok bye!"
I hang up.
"can you drive me to the park?"
" sure love. Why?"
"to see someone."
"who?" Harry burts out
"none of your bees wax mr.flirts" I say back
"ok hailie" Niall says "let's go"
Then we get in the car and drive to the park.
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