The City Of Love

Hello I'm Hailie and this is my story, I am 17 almost 18.I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a wonderful attitude. My friend Lexi and I have always love One Direction while we are in Paris we get to meet them. Will this be true love or will we be just friends?


10. Alone.

When we got to the hospital Harry came around and got me out of Nialls car. And carried me in the hospital.   •••. Well, after we got home and listening to Niall apologizing over, over, and over agian I sat down with him. "Niall its ok! But understand Lexi is my bestfriend and I am going to tell her!" "Hailie, Please Don't!"  I pulled out my phone. "hello?" "hey Lexi" "hey" "can you come to my house later?" "yea sure on my way" "ok". I hung up the phone. "why didn't you tell her?" "oh.. You did wrong to her you WILL fix it!" "ok."  when Lexi got there she walked in and said "Hailie I'm Here!" "Hey Lexi!" we hugged "Niall wants to talk to you outside on the back porch." "okay" and with that she walked outside. I finally had sometime to spend with Harry. I  tried to walk upstairs but I couldn't my leg hurt to bad. "Harry!" "Yes love?" "will you please help me up the stairs?" "yea sure!". He picked me up. "you know you could like just help me not carry me." "yea I know but I wanted to carry you" "ok I love you" "i love you too" then we kissed.
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