Dream Come True

18 Year old Lily Posternak moves to Bradford with her parents. Not knowing anything about Bradford she decides to go around town where she encounters a handsome young man who is apperantly her new neighbor. Will this be a new summer romance? Or will there be arch enemies ready to destroy anything, everything.


3. Zayn's Pov

I hear a truck coming so I decided to look. It was our new neighbors. I kept looking out the window but when I was about to turn back something caught my eye. She was beautiful. She saw that I was staring and smiled at me. I blushed and before I could decide weather to smile or wave back she had disapeared into her house. I wanted to see her again so bad. I kept thinking what I should do but then my mom said she volunteered me to go saw Lily around. I smiled at the thought but when I went to get her I found out she went by herself. I decided to go find her but my
Stomach growled so I went to Starbucks and guess who I saw...Lily. I was right behind her and said "I'll have the same as this beautiful young lady." she turned around skilled and ask what I was doing here and told her I would taker her around. She smiled at the thought of that and off we went. We really got to know each other in the next hour. I wanted to take her to the lond eye when the lights turned on and with my luck they turned on as we got in. She thanked me for the wonderful day and gave me a hug! I hugged back and didn't let go for what seemed like forever. When I let go she blushed and I smiled. This was the perfect ending to a perfect day. I stared in to her eyes and she stared back I slowly started to lean in and she did too. As our lips were about to touch her cell phone rang.
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