Dream Come True

18 Year old Lily Posternak moves to Bradford with her parents. Not knowing anything about Bradford she decides to go around town where she encounters a handsome young man who is apperantly her new neighbor. Will this be a new summer romance? Or will there be arch enemies ready to destroy anything, everything.


1. New neighborhood

I looked around my room for the last time remembering all the good memories Ive ever had in this room. "Lily come on we have to leave!" my mom yelled from downstairs. I slowly grabbed my last bag and made my way downstairs. I put the last of my stuff in the moving truck and made my way to the car. I got out my iphone 4s and texted allie my best friend that I was leaving. A few minutes later we pulled out of the driveway and set out for Bradford, it was a pretty long ride about 12 hours. I plugged in my headphones and started playing music.
-12 hours later-
When we pulled up to the driveway my mouth dropped. The house was 10x bigger than the pictures I had seen, my mom just laughed when she saw my reaction to the new house. I got out of the car and first thing I noticed was a boy about my age handsome with perfect black hair staring at me though his window across the street. I smiled at him and saw him blush as I made my way inside I explored for a good 15, as I finally went in my new room my mouth dropped! It was huge it had light purple walls with a huge bed in the middle and dresser to the side and did I mention it had a flat screen tv! I made my way down stairs to say thanks to my parents but I saw them talking to our new neighbors, the Maliks. I introduced myself and Trisha gave me a warm welcoming hug. She told me that her son would take me around town in a little bit, but I said their was no need even though I wanted to say yes so bad. I knew my parents wouldn't like me hanging out with a guy that i havent even met yet.
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