You, everything I want

nicky petrakis was a normal girl. well 'normal' , she was a diehard directioner and when zayn and perrie got into a relationship, she just wanted to die. a day later something life changing happened, something she never expected to happen. what if famous band members fall for normal girls?


6. You got a little face in your make up

  ~Nickys POV~    I wonder why Zayn asked all this to the nurse. It's just so confusing but I couldn't stop laughing when Niall said "Even the roller coaster that is life?" everyone stoped laughing except of me, I really couldn't stop. "Okay Nicky the joke is over now" Louis said kidding. "Let me just laugh a bit, common I am the one who had the accident and it's just freaking funny" I said while laughing. Harry and Zayn looked at eachother, it was like they were talking but just with the eyes I wonder what they were "talking" about. "Okay love we have to go now, but I think Zayn will stay a bit longer cause he came a bit late." Harry said. "Okay, are you coming tomorrow?" I asked with a puppy face. "Of course we'll come tomorrow, we really like you and want to stay friends with you" Harry said. I had a big smile on my face I really enjoyed being with the boys especially with Zayn. Even if he was with Perrie, I loved him no matter what. "Leyla do you want us to take you home?" Niall asked Leyla. Leyla looked at me and I nodded she ran over to Niall and the boys got out of the room. Then there was just me and Zayn. "So ... ehrm... What are you up to for today?" I asked nervously. "Don't know, maybe I'll go to my parents house and just visit them, haven't seen them since I'm with ... Ehrm never mind. Are you freezing?You're trembeling!" He said. "No everything is alright, I just you know still can't stand your girlfriend, and could you do me a favour? Can you bring me some coffee? Or tea?" I answered him. "Of course be right back love" he said with a warm voice.       ~Leylas POV~   We walked out of the room and jumped in the car. "Leyla I have to tell you something" Niall said in a serious voice. "Is it something bad... Do you want to break the contact between us?" I said nearly with tears in my eyes. "No nooo I'd even want to see you more but that's not the point now, it's about Perrie and Zayn" he said. I calmed down "Okay what is it?" I asked confused. " Well" Liam started "No Liam I want to tell it" Niall said. "Well, you know Zayn and Perrie are dating. But they aren't really dating, our label wanted to push Little Mix and as you know One Direction and Little Mix have the same label. Zayn liked Perrie on the X-Factor, but Perrie dumbed him, cause she liked me, and I didn't gave a damn, anyways, this whole relationship was made behind Zayns back, at first he didn't knew but then we realized that something is wrong and he can't get out of this." I was so shocked I never thought that people would fake a relationship just for publicity... "So they're not dating and Nicky has a chance?" I asked. "Yes... Wait Nicky likes Zayn too?" Liam said. "Yes I have to tell her oh my gosh.." Louis interrupted me "No Zayn wants to tell her when she's out of the hospital"-"Oh gotcha , but Zayn likes Nicky and Nicky likes Zayn but Perrie is in their way ... Zayn was the only thing Nicky ever wanted." I said, we talked about how he could tell it Nicky, untill we arrived at my house. Niall wanted to bring me to the door. "Leyla.. am I ehrm allowed to you know kiss you?"-"Dumbass don't ask go for it" I said while smiling. Then I felt his soft lips on my lips I could hear clapping. The boys clapped in the car I had to smile. "See you tomorrow babe" he said.   ~Zayns POV~   I searched for the cafeteria to get Nicky a coffee. I was still thinking how to tell her everything with Perrie. I was so lost in my thoughts that I ran in to someone. "I'm so-... Perrie? What are you doing here?" I said confused. "You said to me you were with the boys why are you lying to me huh?" she said angry. "I'm visiting my friend, who had an accident, it's my business." I said "Okay then let's go to your friend ... What was her name again? Nina?" she said with provocation in her voice. "Her name's Nicky" I said grudgingling. "Okay then lets go to Nicky" she said. We got up to her room I hope Nicky won't be angry at me...   ~Nickys POV~ It knocked on the door "Come in" I said I still had the smile on my face that Harry gave me. Zayn came in, his face said that something bad happend, he looked nervous. "Nicky... Look who I found when I wanted to get you a coffee", he said. Then I saw what he ment. Perrie came in and as usual she had a bit face in her make-up. "Hey Nicky , Zayn told me you had an accident I hope you feel better." she said sarcastic. I saw how she got closer and closer to Zayn I wanted to freak out and just slapp her. "Perrie you got a little face on your make-up" I said to her  
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