You, everything I want

nicky petrakis was a normal girl. well 'normal' , she was a diehard directioner and when zayn and perrie got into a relationship, she just wanted to die. a day later something life changing happened, something she never expected to happen. what if famous band members fall for normal girls?


9. The call.

~Nickys POV~
After 2 hours with the boys they had to go again. I wonder why Leyla didn't came today. My phone buzzed "Nicky I'm coming in 5 minutes was with Niall, telling you everything later. Leyla xx" I had to smile and answered "Okay babe I'm waiting here ��"

~Leylas POV~
I arrived at the hospital and ran to Nickys room, "Hey you love bird, tell me everything"she said "Okay so after school Niall picked me up and we went to the mall. First we ate, I was starving I took some fries and Niall a burger thing I still don't get what it was. Anyways we went to the shops and he gave me a casual shirt, there was nothing on it just beige. We strolled in the store and found a pair of white skinny jeans. He said then to go and try the shirt and the pants. I thought it wouldn't be that cool you know just causal and stuff but I tried it and he gave me through the door without looking a necklace. Was a owl, I put it on and it made the outfit like awesome. I went out of the little room I was changing and his jaw dropped when he saw me. Do you believe this? His JAW DROPPED never happened before okay and Niall said that I look so beautiful and he came to me and kissed me passionately, he bought the clothes and i couldn't stop him to do it he was so fixed to buy me those things and he said to wear them on saturday." I told Nicky everything. She was smiling all the time. I remember this smile, I had seen this smile the first time when I met her. And when we found out about One Direction, I just saw it barely, sadly. 

~Nialls POV~
My day with Leyla was so perfect I never thought a girl could make me feel so complete. I know that she might get hate but I'll defend her . I hope the fans will love her as much as I do. "Hey Niaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall" I heard someone saying in a sing sang. It was Zayn. "ZAYN where were you last night???" I asked. "At my familys house" he said happy. "Oh nice.. Wait did you told them about Nicky?" I said. "Yep and my mum thinks she's a nice girl" he said with a big smile in his face.

~Nickys POV~
When Leyla finished talking about her date with Niall I told her what happend and that Zayn kissed me on the cheek. "He likes you Nicky , you know that ?"-"Yep but not that way I like him" I answered. "Man, I wish I could tell you" she said sad."Tell me what?" I said shocked. "You'll find out soon" she said. "Okay ... But do you mind me if I sleep now? Harry is going to take me off here tomorrow and will bring me home" I said, we hugged eachother and she went home. I fell asleep when suddenly my phone rang. "Hello?" I said. "Hey beautiful"-"Who is this?"-"You deleted my number? Shame on you, here's David" Woah ... I changed my number just because of this psycho. Like I said I dumbed 3 boys, he was one of them. But he is a nerd who sits all day infront of computers and hacks people. I hung up. I typed Zayns number as fast as I could. "Hello?" he said in a sleepy voice. "ZAYN COME HERE PLEASE AS FAST AS YOU CAN PLEASE" I screamed and hung up.
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