You, everything I want

nicky petrakis was a normal girl. well 'normal' , she was a diehard directioner and when zayn and perrie got into a relationship, she just wanted to die. a day later something life changing happened, something she never expected to happen. what if famous band members fall for normal girls?


5. Rumors and ''relation ships''

~Leylas POV~   I had to wake up very early today cause there was still a bit homework to do and I had to get them from Courtney. I took my hot pants and a random shirt. When it was 6.30 my phone rang. "Hello, who's this?" I asked i didn't knew this number... "Hey ... Here's Niall do you want me to drive you to school maybe?" Nialls warmly voice said he sounded a bit tired. "Noo you don't have to I mean you didn't just woke up to bring me to school right?" I said. "Ehrm well, exactly that ,so get ready in 5 and i'll be there" he said and hung up. I put a bit make-up on, took my bag  and waited for him infront of the door. He arrived at my house and I welcomed him with a smile "Hey love get in" he said, "Where did you get my number... If I can ask this." I said cheeky. "Well you know I asked Zayn and Zayn asked Nicky and Nicky gave it to Zayn and Zayn gave it to me. Simple as that." he said and started smiling. "Do you want something , coffee?" he asked. "Yeees can we also eat something? I'm sooo hungry" I said. He smiled "Okay good  I prayed that you're a girl who likes to eat." we started to laugh and went to a breakfast store and ate something. After we ate he drove me to school everyone was looking at me and everyone started to make rumors. "He's cheating on Ali"-"No he dumped Ali for her"-"What do you mean"-" I read today that she's just telling stories but I don't believe that... He dumped Ali for Leyla I bet on this"  And the rumors made their turn... I wasn't there for 5 minutes and everyone came "Oh my gawd, you are the reason why Niall and Ali aren't dating anymore. They were just cute and you ruined everything". If they just knew what I knew ... It's just ridiculous how they hate on me I mean Ali just wanted attention I don't want any, I just want Niall nothing more. I decided to go after the 5th lesson and went to the hospital to Nicky.       ~Nickys POV~   I looked at Zayn when he hung up the phone. "Who was it?" Harry and I asked like from one mouth. "Irrelevant" he said in a annoyed voice. "Sorry ... I didn't wanted to be rude ... It was Perrie" Zayn said with a sad voice. When he said Perrie the tears came again. "Nicky don't start to cry again please she doesn't deserves this tears." Zayn said. I couldn't stop the tears. "Why is she even calling?" Harry asked. "She said we're in a relation ship she has to know where I am and stuff like that i don't know" Zayn made this quotation marks with his fingers. "Can someone explain me why it's a relation ship" i said and made the quotation marks like Zayn. They boys were looking at eachother.   ~Liams POV~  

"Boys let's go out if the room to talk." I said. The boys nodded and we got out. "We're soon back love just wait here." When I finished my sentence a girl walked in "Leyla why aren't you in school" I heard Nicky saying and I shut the door. "Zayn you need to tell her what really is happening, I know that you like her and if you don't tell her she'll think you're cheating on Perrie." I said. "You're right Liam , but how can I tell her that Perrie is just using me for pushing Little Mix? I mean she would say to break up with her. She wouldn't understand ... Our managment got paid well for this all ,but I don't want to loose Nicky." Zayn said. "HARRY, LIAM ,LOUIS , ZAYN!!" I heard someone screaming. Fans ... Not now I really love them all but ... Oh it's just Niall. "Where is Leyla? Is she in Nickys room? I wanted to take her from school I waited and waited but she didn't came" he freaked out. "Yeah she's in the room, but don't annoy them, now we need to talk" Zayn said, he made the we sound important. "How should I tell her that it's all fake?" he asked us. "Maybe when she's out of the hospital, we just don't talk about Perrie anymore and if she calls go outside and if Nicky asks who called you say Paul", I told them... I thought this would work out till we told her. "I think we should tell Leyla first", Niall said with a serious voice. "Why?" Louis asked. "Maybe because she is her best friend and can help us to tell her and I really like her and don't want to lie at her..." he kinda blushed. "Alright then we'll do it this way" , I said everyone nodded. We got back in Nickys room.

    ~Nickys POV~   The same moment when the boys get out of my room Leyla came in. "Rumors" is the only thing she said. "What happend?" I asked. "Niall drove me to school and everyone thinks he dumbed Ali because of me, cause he said yesterday he isn't dating her and stuff and now I get hate." she said "You're proud ... A bit aren't you?" I said with a smile "OF COURSE I AM" she said. We started to laugh.  I heared someone screaming "HARRY, LIAM ,LOUIS , ZAYN!!" I thought a fan but then one of the boys said "Hey Niall" and Leyla and me kept talking about school, she told me the homework and all that. After a while the boys came back. "Hey love" Niall said to Leyla and hugged her. "And the one who had an accident doesn't gets a hello? Okay Niall I won't talk to you anymore" I said sarcastic. The boys started to laugh , Niall was looking at me "I'm sorry" and started laughing too. "So how's your head" Liam asked he really had the biggest heart, I never knew someone who cared about people like he did, I was so happy for Danielle they made such a cute couple. "Yes I'm fine" I said with a faint smile. The nurse came in "So here's your meal for today" she said, "May I ask when I can get out of this hospital?" I asked. "Of course , let me think just for a moment.... In like 3 days the doctor said." the nurse answered me and I smiled. Yes I'll be home soon, but I hope I'll still be friends with the boys.   ~Zayns POV~   When the nurse said that Nicky is going to get out in 3 days I freaked out inside, I wanted to tell her everything as soon as possible. I thought of going to a theme park or something ... Somewhere we can have a great time. But then I saw her leg ... Still broken "How long will she need the gypsum?" I asked the nurse "A few more days I think", the nurse answered. "And is she allowed to do everything or is there something that she isn't allowed to do" I asked friendly. "Swimming, Nicky you heard you can't go swimming and roller coasters are prohibited too." the nurse said. "Even the roller coaster that is life?" Niall said, we laughed and the nurse looked confused and got out of the room.  
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