You, everything I want

nicky petrakis was a normal girl. well 'normal' , she was a diehard directioner and when zayn and perrie got into a relationship, she just wanted to die. a day later something life changing happened, something she never expected to happen. what if famous band members fall for normal girls?


3. Maybe it was fate?

~Zayns POV~

I turned the TV on "Breaking News, accident. The 17 year old Nicky Petrakis and 16 year or Leyla Smith got in a bad car accident. The truck that they crashed in was driving by a drunk man. To Leyla nothing happend but Nicky is in a sort of coma, the doctors are sure that she will wake up , but her leg is broken and maybe she'll have a concussion. She's laying in the St.Johann hospital" I looked at the pictures of the girls ... Was this Nicky, the girl I saw at the cinema? Or are my eyes just kidding me?

"I'm going to take a walk" I said in a annoyed voice to Perrie. "Do what you want asshole" she said. I was going to pack my things, really just to break up with her but I can't, this killed me I don't want to live with her, I want to go back to my family. I was going to take a look at the girl , this Nicky, which hospital did the news man said? St.Johann hospital.. Yeah that was it. I went by feet I needed it just to think. At the entrance I asked "Nicky Petrakis is laying here right? Could you tell me which floor and room please ma'am?", "Of course she's in room 213,floor 2" the nurse said.

"Thank you". I took the stairs up and I was hating myself, for taking the stairs they were more than I thought ,but after like 5 minutes I was infront of the door and knocked.


~Nickys POV~

I could open my eyes finally, I was awake all the time and could hear mum and Leyla talking and crying. I opened my eyes and at this moment, there was someone knocking at the door. "Yes please" my mum said. No one yet realized I woke up. I saw my mum and Leyla making big eyes, I couldn't see anyone cause there was a wall so I wasn't able to see who came in, untill they come to my bed. Mum looked at me "You're awake !!!" she started crying of happiness "You have a good timing Zayn" she said. Wait did she said Zayn... ZAYN MALIK? I fainted I think I wasn't that stable to see my big love.

~Georgias POV~

She woke up, I was so happy but then she fainted, I am so worried did she fainted because of Zayn ? This was all so confusing. "Mrs Petrakis .. I think I should go now, If I didn't came she wouldn't have fainted." Zayn said. "Don't blame yourself Zayn , she just woke up and maybe to see you was too much for her, by the way ,why are you here , don't understand this wrong but I was wondering." Leyla said. "Ehrm I saw it on TV and thought I should do something good and visit someone who doesn't feels good you know." Zayn answered. "I understand.. May I ask you something?" Leyla asked. "Sure, what?" Zayn answered. "Niall and Ali ... Is it true?" Leyla asked a bit worried. Zayn burstet out laughing Leyla looked confused at him "Noo she's just telling that they are and you know Niall is a bit shy and doesn't wants to call the press to clear everything up. She just wants a bit attention he's still waiting for his princess" he winked and was still laughing.

~Leylas POV~

Zayn made my day with that, I was so happy that these all were just rumors. I had a big smile on my face. Suddenly Zayns phone rang, "Yeah mate , no I'm at the hospital, no nothing happened just visiting someone, if you want too, room 213 floor 2 okay see you later bye" Zayn said. "Who was it?" I asked him "Niall, he's coming here if that's ok" he said. I couldn't breathe ,this all was fate even if I'm sorry for Nicky I was looking at her , it seemed like she wanted to open her eyes I went to her bed. I kinda helped her open the eyes i took my finger and put the eyelid up. "Thanks it was like someone put glue on them" she said. Zayn came to the bed too. "Hey ehrm I hope you're well" he said. "Guys are you all kidding me now? This is not really Zayn Malik" she said "Yep it is Zayn Malik love" he said while smiling.

~Nickys POV~

Zayn was in my room I felt so ashamed, I'm at all this equipment and I'm feeling like someone need of help and I had so much scars in my face, just because of the accident. "You look so upset love what's going on in your mind" Zayn said. "Nothing just" a knock at the door stoped me to continue talking "Yes please" I said. I saw a blond head then I looked to Leyla I see her blushing. This blond head belonged to no one else than Niall Horan. I wouldn't wonder if Harry , Liam and Louis would come now. I had to smile Zayn looked at me this moment "You have a beautiful smile" he said. "Thank you, may I ask how it's going with Perrie" I asked, while my throat got dry like a desert. "Ehrm yeah ... Everything is .... Good..." he stuttered. I was wondering why he stuttered, I nodded the tears came again. "Nooo don't cry please don't" he said trying to calm me down. "We should leave you two alone" my mum said. 

~Nialls POV~

As I came in the room I saw this beautiful girl. She didn't had much make-up on she hadn't the most expencive clothes she was so natural. She looked at me and blushed. Who were this people, I never heared of them, Zayn always talks about his friends and he didn't talked about them. While Zayn was talking to the girl in the bed I walked to the girl who blushed when I looked at her. "Hey are you good friends with Zayn" I asked her. "Nooo he saw that we had an accident and wanted to visit, I think this is weird but , hey if he wants to." she said, "He's worried sometimes so he takes time just to visit people who don't feel very well ... By the way my name's Niall. But I'm so dumb you know me I think, tell me about you " I told her. Why am I talking this shit? "I'm Leyla and .. 16 and yeah" Leyla said, her name sounds so wonderful. "We should leave you two alone" the mother of the girl said.

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