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nicky petrakis was a normal girl. well 'normal' , she was a diehard directioner and when zayn and perrie got into a relationship, she just wanted to die. a day later something life changing happened, something she never expected to happen. what if famous band members fall for normal girls?


4. Hello accident kid.


~Nickys POV~   They got out of the room and left me alone with Zayn. I couldn't hold back my tears anymore. "Why are you crying" he asked with a carying thing in his voice. "I can't handle all this , this accident , you and Perrie" did I really said you and Perrie oh god Nicky you're so dumb sometimes. "What do you mean with me and Perrie?" Zayn asked. "I don't like her she's just a make-up face I can't understand how you can love her, I bet she eats her make-up to be beautiful on the inside too." I said still crying. Zayn started to laugh again and said "I'm thinking exactly the same way" and I looked confused up to him.   ~Zanys POV~   I didn't really said I think the same way as Nicky right? Shit I did... "Ehrm you know it's just .. I can't explain this but ehrm... I'll come again tomorrow ok? Bye love" I said to her. "Alright," she said confusing "see you tomorrow". I got out of the room and Niall was looking at me "Let's go mate" I said to him. "Okay babe let's go" he said with a kidding voice to me. "Could you tell me who this was" he said when we walked out of the hospital. "Nicky? I I saw her yesterday at the cinema when I was with Perrie and thought she was cute and suddenly this accident, man that was weird" when I said Perrie my whole body shaked. "Her friend is pretty fit" Niall said while smiling. "Ohooooo did our little leprachun find some gold" I said and he blushed. "Maybe the gold I was looking for so long" he said. "Proud of you mate" I said and we got in his car. We drove to the flat me and the boys shared, because he knew I didn't want to go to the monster. "I hate our managment" I said "Yep so do I" Niall said. "Niall we have to call the press and tell that Ali is just telling rumors" I told him. "Okay but you speak" he said. "Let's do this poo" we started laughing.     ~Nialls POV~   "Hello, the Star magazine here"  "Uhrm yeah hello Zayn Malik here, I just wanted to tell that Niall Horan, is not dating Ali McGinley, she just wanted a bit attention and she got it, but she just got more hate attention than any other and we didn't want her to get more, so yeah they're not dating, Bye" he hung up I was finally "single" again I like Ali as a friend but she's just like Perrie ... Too much make-up. I don't like that on girls. I like girls who are like Leyla, natural.   ~Leylas POV~   "Are you ok Nicky" I asked her when I got in the room again. "Why did he leave?" - " I said that I don't like Perrie and then he started laughing and said he thinks the same way but I don't know what he ment" she said. "This is weird... Why doesn't he likes his girlfriend?" I said. "Oh and I had a little chat with Niall, he's just amazing he always looked in my eyes while I was talking and he didn't interrupted me when I talked" I said excitedly. "Awww babe I'm so happy for you, but is he with Ali now or not?" Nicky asked. "No he isn't just rumors Zayn explained it to me" I said with a very happy voice. "But why did Zayn came? And how did you kept so calm while talking to them?" she asked "Zayn came cause we were on the news and he wanted to do something good dunno. And I really can't tell you why I wasn't freaking out, I think I was still in shock and treated them like normal people." I said and she had a smile on her face I loved it to see my best friend smile.  After talking and watching TV, I had to go home "I'll come tomorrow again and bring you the homework and stuff" I said. "Thanks love" Nicky said and I walked out of the door.     ~Nickys POV~    After Leyla went, I fell asleep very fast. My mum put a blanket on me and gave me a kiss on my forehead. When I woke up the next day, I saw many flowers and a smiling boy next to me. "So you're the girl Zayn was talking about" Harry came to visit me. "Are you all serious, I look like shit and you're visiting me and ... Zayn's talking about me isn't he with Perrie?" I told him confused. "Yeah he is but he's allowed to talk about other girls isn't he? And yeah Liam and Louis wanted to bring you something to eat, but I think they got lost and do you like the flowers? They are from the boys, me and some of your classmates" Harry couldn't stop talking. "Okaaaay this is too much information now, I just woke up I have a concussion and you're telling me some random facts" I started laughing and he joined my laughing. Someone knockes at the door, Liam and Louis came in the room. "Hello accident kid" Louis said "Good morning" I said. "Good morning? It's 1pm!" Liam said. "Did i slept that long? Oh good I never sleep that long I am the one who wakes up the earliest" We all continued laughing, when suddenly I got a headache. "Boys my head hurts could you call a nurse"I said, Harry stood up and started to run. "Do you want something to drink, to eat?" Liam said nervously.   ~Harrys POV~   I ran out the door I didn't mind that people were looking at me, I just needed to find a nurse. I hope nothing serious is going to happen to Nicky. It just can't, she's such a nice person, even if I don't know her long and Zayn really likes her.  Finally I found a nurse "Nicky... Has a bad headache" I said out of breath. "Okay let's go to her room I don't think it's something serious but we'll check" the nurse said. How can she say that it can't be something serious? Is she even allowed to say that? We walked in her room and Liam gave Nicky something to drink. "Okay Ms Petrakis where does it hurt?" she asked. "In the middle here" she showed with the hands where the pain was. "Oh okay does this hurt" the nurse said, she poked at some points at her head and Nicky always just nodded. "You guys should let her sleep for an hour." the nurse said. "But she just woke up" Louis said. "Doesn't mind she needs rest now, you can stay here but let her sleep." she answered to Louis. "You guys can stay here, I can sleep even if you're talking, I like to fall asleep to voices." Nicky said. The boys and I looked at eachother and started to sing. Nicky fell asleep.     ~Zayns POV~    When I came in Nickys room the boys were singing. " Why are you singing?" I asked. "The nurse said she has to sleep because of a headache." Liam said. "I understand ... Is it something serious?" I asked a bit worried. "No everything's alright she just needs a bit sleep." Harry tried to calm me down. I wonder how long she is sleeping now and I feel so bad that I had to do something else with Perrie. This thought killed me. Why is managment just so ... I have to get my head free of this thoughts. The boys were looking at me and I started to count "1...2...3... When he opens his arms and hold you close tonight it just won't feel right" they joined my singing.   After 10 minutes she woke up. I was happy to see her waking up with a smile, even if it was the first time. "How long did I slept now?" she asked while laughing. "Uhrm ... About one hour I think" Liam said. Liam was a really nice guy he was always carying about everyone. It was his idea , that Louis, Harry and he are going to visit Nicky. My phone started to ring. It was Perrie. "Where are you?" she asked. "It's not your business." I said. "Zayn Jawaad Malik it is my business cause we're in a realtionship and I love you and you love me , right?" she said. I was going to say nope I don't love you, but i said "Of course... You're right I am with the boys and you just were out with me, I want my spare time to spend with the boys."-"If you're with the boys everything is alright I just thought you were at the hospital again" she said, "No I'm not bye now" I said and hung up. I hope Nicky didn't get that Perrie was on the phone.     A/N Just saying I like Perrie not that you think I don't liker her lol. But she's a bitch at the beginning don't worry :)
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