You, everything I want

nicky petrakis was a normal girl. well 'normal' , she was a diehard directioner and when zayn and perrie got into a relationship, she just wanted to die. a day later something life changing happened, something she never expected to happen. what if famous band members fall for normal girls?


8. Flirty McDonalds breakfast


  ~Patricias POV~   When Zayn came home again I was happy and angry at the same time. He told me everything and as we talked about Nicky I saw my boy again, how he was before Perrie. His eyes sparkeled when he talked about her and he had this faint smile in his face, that he had when he talked about people he loved, I'm sure that this Nicky will change his life.     ~Nickys POV~   After Zayn left, I fell asleep quickly and woke up to familiar voices the next morning. I opened my eyes and saw Harry and Liam they looked worried. "What's up boys? Why so worried?" I said. "Zayn didn't came to our house yesterday" Harry said. I checked my phone saw a text from Zayn 'Tell the boys I was at my familys house, Zayn xx' - "My fault guys I fell asleep had to tell you Zayn was with his family" I said, they calmed down. "And how's your head?" Liam asked. "It's good, it doesn't hurts anymore but my legs hurt now" I said kidding. "Well Nicky, we got something for you" Harry said. "Noo I don't want any presents" I said, but they already handled me a little jewelry box. There was a necklace. A "Z", "Are you guys kidding me" I said, "No, now put it on it's awesome and Zayn sure will like it" Harry said laughing.     ~Harrys POV~   I handled Nicky the necklace she wasn't sure if she can wear it but I saw that she liked it. "So wanna have some breakfast?" she asked "Ehrm we brang you something from McDonalds, hope you like it" Liam said , "Guys you'll make me get fat" we laughed. I gave her the bag and she started eating. "Thanks I missed this food really" she said while chewing. She was looking at us and asked "Do I have something in my face or why are you staring at me"-"Ehrm.. Well... We want you to share some food" I laughed. She gave me the morning burger and I bit off.      ~Liams POV~   Harry had to stop being such a flirt. Zayn likes her and he has a hard time,Nicky is the only thing that could keep him happy. "Harry can we talk, just the two of us, don't get me wrong Nicky but I think.. You know" I said serious. "Liam it's ok you don't have to be sorry" she said with a faint smile. Harry and I went out of the room. "Harry you should stop flirting with Nicky that wasn't the first time you made a girl fall for you, when one of us liked her too. You know that Zayn has a hard time." I said to him, he nodded "You're right Liam, I'll make her my best friend. She's nice, but I couldn't like her the way Zayn does, know what I mean mate?" Harry said with a serious voice, but still I realized a bit of lie behind it. "Of course I know and let's get in again, I don't want our patient to wait so long" I said while laughing and we got in her room again.       ~Nickys POV~   As the boys came in my room again I finished my food and asked what they are up to for today. "Ehrm ... Well ... Maybe go to the cinema with the lads. Louis is sad because Eleanor had to leave for 2 weeks caused by a exchange thing. And you?" Harry said. "Well laying here in my warm bed and sleeping and just chilling I mean it's my last day here." I said with a smile. "Oh I see I'm dumb for asking this" he laughed. "Liam why are you so quiet?" I asked. "Nothing I'm just a bit lost in my thoughts, I just realized we're flying to Sweden next week." I looked shocked at Harry and Liam, Harry looked shocked as well.      ~Harrys POV~   My phone buzzed, it was Zayn. "Hey man , what's up?"-"My family excepted me again" he said happy."Glad about that mate, did you told them everything? I mean everything, everything"-"Yep all about Nicky and stuff" he answered."But I bet you forgot we're flying next week to Sweden"I said. "Shit...I'm there in 2 minutes, just arrived at the hospital"-"Okay we're waiting here" I said and hung up.     ~Zayns POV~     Shit I totaly forgot that we're flying to Sweden next week. I went up the stairs and knocked at Nickys door. "HELLOOOO BEAUTIFUL" I said happily to her. "Hey stupid" she said with a faint smile. "Okay I'm not stupid, but maybe.. Ok I am" I said laughing. "Why so happy mate?" Liam asked, I saw him smiling... Again since I was with Perrie he was always serious to me. And now he gave me a smile I ran over to him and hugged him. "Awwwwwwwww" I heard Nicky and Harry saying. "I just saw a Ziam moment life" Nicky said. "Tell anyone and you'll... Hey nice necklace" I said and winked. She blushed. "Me and Liam bought it for her, it's pretty eh?" Harry said.    ~Nickys POV~   Zayn came in and he seemed so happy. After he hugged Liam, which was freaking cute, he realized the Z necklace I was so red I couldn't answer so Harry answered for me. "So tell us why you are so happy" Liam said, so Zayns attention won't be at me so I can get my normal skin color again. "My family excepted me again, I'm so happy I missed them so much, thank you Nicky." Zayn said. "You're welcome... Wait for what?"-"Well for just being there you made me to the Zayn, I was before make-up box" he winked. "Oh so I re-changed you?" I asked "Yes you did, I was a dumbass and I don't know... I'm thankful for that" he said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I blushed again "Zayn could you stop making her blush all the time?" Harry said serious. "Sorry she's just lovely" he said smiling while I hid under my blanket. And he was trying to hug me.  
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