You, everything I want

nicky petrakis was a normal girl. well 'normal' , she was a diehard directioner and when zayn and perrie got into a relationship, she just wanted to die. a day later something life changing happened, something she never expected to happen. what if famous band members fall for normal girls?


7. Family again?


~Perries POV~   This girl was pretty... I couldn't stand her, she can't ruin my whole status, Little Mix will get popular world wide and this girl is just in my way. "Hey Nicky , Zayn told me you had an accident I hope you feel better." I said sarcastic, "Perrie you got a bit face on your make-up" Zayn looked at me and I saw that he had to hide his laugh. "Ehrm excuse me? You talk like this to your friends girlfriend who do you think you are?" I said "Well this is my room and I don't want to see you aka make-up box in my room"  I got near Zayn and kissed him."GET OUT OF HERE PERRIE NOW" she started to scream. That was kinda what I wanted to achieve. To make her a bad person in front of Zayn... I knew he still liked me, so he won't like her now anymore. "Get out Perrie, don't make her angry she's still on all these equipment" he didn't really said this, no.. He likes this girl. I got out of the room and drove home he'll get a speach when he'll come home.   ~Zayns POV~    I couldn't believe what Perrie just did one more reason why I didn't had ANY respect for her anymore. Nicky started to cry when she got out of the room. "Love don't cry please she still doesn't deserves this tears" I hugged her, my shirt got wet because of her tears. It hurts me to see her crying, "Please stop crying" I whiped the tears from her face "You're beautiful and she is make-up" I said, she had to laugh "Why are you saying this Zayn she's your girlfriend?" she asked me. "Well I can't explain you now but you'll see when you get out of here and I hope you won't be mad at me...cause I really like you" I said and looked at her lips. I had to kiss those lips, but I also had to hold back.        ~Leylas POV~   I shut the door. This was the most amazing kiss I ever had, his lips were so soft and in my tummy was a firework... Unbelievable I will never forget this. I ran up the stairs to my room. I was borred so I called Courtney, I don't wanted to annoy Nicky because she was alone with Zayn. "Hey Courtney" I said. "Oh hey Leyla..."-"What's wrong?" I asked confused. "Why didn't you tell me that you're dating Niall Horan?" she said with a sad voice. "But we weren't really dating ... He kissed me like 5 minutes ago, I didn't thought today in the morning it would be something special you know? But it turned out to be and you're first one who knows but don't tell anyone ok?" I said seriously to her. "Okay and I thought you don't trust me anymore" she said. "Nooo you and Nicky are my best friends how could I ever not trust you?" I said to her. "Oh now we're talking but Nicky, how is she? Did I got that right the 1D boys visited her today?" - "Yeeah they came to say her to get well soon and I think they'll stay friends cause you know Niall and me..." we started laughing.   ~Nialls POV~   I jumped in the car and the boys were clapping. "You make me feel awkward" I said serious. "I bet she liked it" Harry said and winked. "I hope so, but I was stupid I asked her if I can kiss her" I said. "Man there's nothing stupid you just wanted to get sure if she wants to kiss you too" Liam said. We drove home and waited for Zayn to come home. But he didn't came, did he go to Perrie?     ~Zayns POV~   "I really like you too Zayn, but I think you don't like me the way I do." she said, her words killed me. "Nicky you make things so hard for me, I want to tell you everything but I don't want to tell you this all here in this hospital" I said. "Okay I see, it's getting late now and Perrie really made me feel sick I mean... Never mind" Nicky said, I had to smile the ways she kinda hated on Perrie was funny. "Ok I'll go now, I think the boys will come in the morning again" I said and got out of the room.   Because I needed too, I went to Perries and I didn't even stepped in the flat, I heared her screaming "IF YOU BREAK UP WITH ME,I SWEAR I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL AND SAY SO MANY BAD THINGS ABOUT YOU TO THE PRESS" she freaked out she started to beat her self  sore. "I won't break up with you, just stop beating yourself" I said serious. "Then spent more time with ME and not with this greek girl." - " Perrie you can't tell me with who to hang out and with whom not, okay? It's my life and I won't break up with you as long as you, first don't do anything to Nicky and, second you let me live my life, we're just a promotion couple and I hate it, I thought I loved you, but you and our label made this shit, I feel like come on back" I said and got out of the flat I walked. I didn't knew where I was walking but I kept walking and walking. When suddenly, I stood in front of my familys house. I rang the door bell. My mum opened, saw me and closed the door. "Mum please let me in I have to talk to you all" I said. She opened the door again and let me in. "I never thought the fame would get you to play like you love someone" she said, my eyes got wet I was nearly crying. "Mum I met this girl ... Her name is Nicky, the one who had the accident and I really do like her, but if i break up with Perrie she'll tell I beated her and stuff I never did" I said, I started to cry. "Zayn are you kidding me? This girl is blackmailing you, I told you not to date her but you were in love, while she was playing with you, and Nicky tell me about her" she said. When she said Nicky I had to smile, I told her what I love about her and she said "I think this girl won't just play with you." ________________________________________________________   A/N: I really don't do this often cause I know by my self I don't read them but uhm tell me what you think? Pleaase (:
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