Meggy Bear's Memories

When she plants a tree in the memory of her grandpa she doesn't believe that it will become something to talk about in the local coffee shop. As she forgets and find it when she is later in life she meets and greets and forms hope for people who have no other option in life after their loved ones are gone.
PS. I meant for the first chapter to be in the past tense.


3. Present day/ Lost and found

"What Timothy? I just wanted to be happy, but no. I have things that you don't like. I can think of one right now!" I screamed.

"What would that be then?" he said, sarcasm was living through his words.


I picked up my bags and opened the door. I looked back at my former boyfriend, grabbed the door handle and slammed it shut. As I walked away from our perfect little house I heard something smash against the wall, a plate maybe.

"God, that women." Timothy shouted then throwing something else. I heard him run to the door. I stopped and waited. As his eyes found mine a smile reached across his face. I was only at the end of the yard so it wasn't hard to find me. He wanted to look hopeful, but failed miserably. That's what I liked about him, he tried to do all of these normal looks but just failed because of his body posture and looks. He was too tall to pull anything off, he had to duck to get out of the house, his emerald green eyes didn't go with him at all, his ruby hair was a spiked mess which I thought was the only thing that worked with him. His smile was to die for, and he was a great kisser. I dropped my bags and ran back over to him, I was only up to his shoulders so I was tall, but not in a way that I would have liked. I slipped of the ruby necklace which he had given me for my birthday last week and put it in his soft, welcoming hands. I let go and walked away, picking up my bags. 

"Megan!" I heard him plead behind me

"Sorry Timmy, I'll call you though." I stopped, again, and wrote the reminder on my hand.

"Meg," I turned to look at him, "please don't forget. I love you too much"


I must have walked for an hour when I had realised where my feet had taken me. My mother and father's grave. They had died two years ago in a car crash. Alfie died too, sadly he had been buried at the other end of the cemetery. I was the only one left. 

"What can I do mummy? Can any of you give me a sign?" Just then my phone buzzed. 

Hey heard your break up, not literally. Tim texted me, he's worried sick! Holly :)

Thanks do you want to grab a drink? Oh, before can I sleep at yours and leave my stuff there for tonight.

Yeah, parents on the business trip. Where are you, I'll pick you up.

Oh thanks. I somehow managed to get to the cemetery. 

You ok? Be there in 5.

See yah.

I walked away and to the front of the death gates. I placed my suitcase down and sat there waiting for Holly to come. I grabbed my phone and played on snakes. Time flew by when I found that I wasn't alone. 

"Hey, single lady."

"Hey, thank you so much."

"What are friends for?"

"Back up plans"

"Ha very funny, hey before we go for that drink we'll go to the park. I have something to pin up."  "Okay." I picked my bags up and stuffed them in the back of the car. I hoped that Holly would understand. I stopped and froze when I felt a cold shiver run down my spine, her nearly purple eyes looked in my direction. 

"Hey, you okay?"

"You better have that heater on, I had a cold spell."

Her face turned back around to reveal her chestnut red hair, it was mostly straight but started to curl at the roots. I wished I had hair like that rather than frizzy stuck up and weird afro type hair. I climbed in the car and was blasted by a warm wind. I shivered and then put my seatbelt on, how lucky was to have a friend like her.


When we arrived at the park, the were a lot more people than there used to be. There were down at the far right of the park. 

"Why are we going further in, the notice board is at the front."

"See there the tree which has the loved ones notes to the people they have lost. It's sought of famous. This girl placed it when her grandpa died and then when she was 10 or so she came back and placed the first ever message on the tree."

It couldn't be true. I looked at Holly and then ran to where the crowd was. When there it was. My tree, grandpa's tree. When there was the message that had started it off, grandpa had replied and lead me here at last.

"Meg, why did you run off like that?"

"Holly, I am Meggy bear! Grandpa had replied to me at last. I am home. When I was 6 we planted the tree, when I was 10 I left the message."

The people stopped and looked at me, waiting to see if I would kill them. 

"What, this is the message tree. Write to your loved ones that have left you. They will reply, like mine did!" I let out fits of laughter. Grandpa has replied to me once more. I left this for the world, my own legacy. 

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