Meggy Bear's Memories

When she plants a tree in the memory of her grandpa she doesn't believe that it will become something to talk about in the local coffee shop. As she forgets and find it when she is later in life she meets and greets and forms hope for people who have no other option in life after their loved ones are gone.
PS. I meant for the first chapter to be in the past tense.


2. 4 years later/ 16 years ago

It was my birthday. Double figures at last. 10 years old. I wanted to go and see grandpa's tree. My mother packed jelly, the only thing she pack. I wouldn't want to eat anything else, and it was my birthday. I was so excited when we set off, I brought my favourite present that grandpa had left me for my 7th birthday before he died. My rag-doll Lisa. I had dressed her up in a red check dress and plaited her hair. We found the same spot that we had sat down on 4 years ago, and ate our jelly. I wanted to write to grandpa because I wanted to ask him if he would reply to me soon. After I had finished 5 massive bowlfulls of jelly, I started to write my note to grandpa:

I miss you grandpa Jack

Meggy Bear xx

Meggy bear was his pet name for me. My dad had wanted to call me Peggy, but mam had wanted Megan. Grandpa had liked Peggy but seen as I was called Megan he had combined them to Meggy. Whenever I visited him I always brought my teddy, who I had named Bear. So that was added on to this. I had given Bear to him before he died, he took it to the grave. We thought it was best if he kept it so he took it with him. I wished my mam had called me Meggy, it was so unique. The hidden a pin in Lisa's dress was for me to stick this in to the tree. I believe that the pin would make the message on the piece of paper seep in to the tree and then it would reach him in heaven where he was protecting and watching over me. I prayed to him every night to tell him that I loved him and that I missed him dearly. I occasionally wrote stories where he was my knight in shining armour and he was saving me from the dragon. Of course he was younger but it was fun to see that he was such a big part of my life even though I can barely remember some of the things we had done with out photographs. When I finished I started to walk to the tree alone, but mam followed me. So I stopped and told her my theory.

"I hope he replies like his last words." I said, whilst sticking the pin through the paper and letting it enter the tree. It was only my height but I knew that it would get there no matter what. I also knew that he would reply, I felt him run through my body and all around me. 

"Please reply grandpa Jack." I hugged the tree forcing the message further in to the tree. To reach my guardian angel.

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