Meggy Bear's Memories

When she plants a tree in the memory of her grandpa she doesn't believe that it will become something to talk about in the local coffee shop. As she forgets and find it when she is later in life she meets and greets and forms hope for people who have no other option in life after their loved ones are gone.
PS. I meant for the first chapter to be in the past tense.


1. 20 years ago

The young girl skips in the warm summer sun. Today is her day for grandpa. Her two year old brother giggled as the sun tickles his face through the leaves. Her dad carryed a plastic bag, inside is an oak sapling. Her grandpa's favourite. Her mother, pushing the pram, tangles herself with the picnic bag straps.

"Right here, this is the perfect spot." she had said whilst pulling out a blanket and spreading it out on the grass.

"Alfie, are you hungry?" she had said, Alfie giggled and clapped his hands. His jaw moved as if he was already eating. The girl sat down, eager to find out what her mother had packed. 

"Careful daddy!" she had nearly screamed, when she jumped up and snatched the bag off him. Before she sat back down, she laid the tree beside her and then dropped down herself. The father chuckled from his daughter's performance.

"William." the mother said sternly. Her cropped, ebony hair clung mostly to her face but clumps flowed in the wind; like Medusa's snakes. There was everything in the basket: cakes, buns, sandwiches, pop, iced buns, and her favourite strawberry jelly! The girl's hand reached for it but were forced back by her mother's stone glare. 

"Megan, you know that is for last. either have a sandwich or a bun first and then I will let you have some."

She picked up a iced bun, reluctantly, and then stuffed it in to her mouth. She chewed it quickly and swallowed it hard. She looked at her mother and smiled. Teasingly, her mother slowly passed her the strawberry mess slowly. Megan bounced with excitement. She grabbed the spoon and dug it down to the bottom of the bowl. As she ate the jelly she let out satisfied mmm's.


They had sat and ate for over an hour. They had played with the Frisbee and a ball until 3 o'clock. They had walked over to the far end of the park and started to bring out the tree. They had payed for a bench which had a silver plaque reading:

In memory of Grandpa Jack Richards,

A loving grandpa and father

'Never let go of your family, write to them if you don't see them.

They will always reply.'


They placed the tree in the hole and sprinkled the soil over the top. The girl went to the pram and placed the notice in the soil. It read:

Reply to me someday Grandpa Jack

Meggy Bear

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