When family is much more

Katie is 16 years old she is from Ireland. She knows nothing about her dads side of the family. Until one day she accidentally discovers something that wasn't ment for her to discover. Read to find out what Katie's family will do to stop her from ruining everything.


3. When the unthinkable happens

We say down stairs for another 10 minutes waiting for niall.
"let me just got get him" she said getting up
"oh no you sit down I'll go get him!" I said getting up.
"ok darlin last door on the left" she said
I hurried up the stairs and down the hall till I reached the last door on the left. I swung it open, big mistake there was niall he was laying on the bed making out with another guy and when I say making out I mean so much more. I mention he had a girl friend?
"OMG" I yelled running down the hall to the bathroom.
"Katie" yelled niall running after me
"everything ok up there?" asked aunt Maura
"ya mom everything's fine!" he yelled
"Katie open the door" he said talking to me through the door.
"put it away!" I said
"put what away?" he asked
"you know your dick!" I said
"it is away!" he said "please open the door"
"why?" I asked
"we need to talk about this" he said
Slowly I began to open the door till it was totally open and I could see his face. Which I hadnt seen sense I was four. He was all grown up he had died his naturally black hair blonde. His eyes were still as clear as ever.
"come on" he said grabbing my hand
I followed him into the bed room he sat on the bed next to the other guy and I sat across the room in a chair. It was silent.
"so your gay?" I asked
"no not totally I'm bi and so is zayn." he said
"what about emily?" I asked. Emily was the girl niall had been dating.
"I don't about her" he said.
"what do you mean?" I asked
" I don't know of we're still together" he said "but Katie you have to promise me you tell anyone! This could totally distory the band. I know we joke about being gay but none of the others are really bi and they don't know" he said
"am I the only one?" I asked
"Yepp and if anyone finds put then...."
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