When family is much more

Katie is 16 years old she is from Ireland. She knows nothing about her dads side of the family. Until one day she accidentally discovers something that wasn't ment for her to discover. Read to find out what Katie's family will do to stop her from ruining everything.


2. Meeting the family

As I approached the 1970s style ranch I got kind of nervous. What if she didn't remember me? Or if she did what if she didn't like me? But I continued to knock on the door anyways. Soon enough a short blonde haired lady answered.
"aunt Maura?" I asked
"Katie is that you oh lord it's been so long!" she said hugging me "do come in!"
"thankyou!" I said stepping in and closing the door behind me.
"come on sit down make your self at home" she said. So I sat.
"how have you been?" I asked
"oh pretty good" she said sitting down with tea "yourself?"
"good" I said
"so what brings you here now?" she asked
"well I'm doing a family tree, I just really needed to know the rest of my family and what theyve done with their lives" I said
"well I'm 48 now I'm a stay at home mom however all my children are grown up. Well mostly, niall is home right now." she said "do you remember him?"
"I do the mud pies in the back yard and the slip in slide" I said laughing
"would you like me to go get him?" she asked
"of course" I said smiling" I watched as she got up and went to the bottom of the stair case.
"niall!" she yelled
"what" he yelled back
"your cousin Katie is here! Come say hi!" she yelled
"be there in a minute" he yelled
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