When family is much more

Katie is 16 years old she is from Ireland. She knows nothing about her dads side of the family. Until one day she accidentally discovers something that wasn't ment for her to discover. Read to find out what Katie's family will do to stop her from ruining everything.


1. Finding me

"mom" I said looking up from my school work
"yes honey" she said looking up with her sweet motherly smile.
"I'm doing a family tree for my school project, did we have any cousins on dads side?" I asked
"you know what I think you do. I believe they live in a town not to far from here." she said.
"they live in Ireland? Do you know their names?" I asked
"I know the parents names but I think their divorced. I believe her name is... Maura, Maura Gallagher." she said
I went to this website I had found a while back you just put in someone's name and it will give you an address. I typed her name in and there she was. Maura Gallagher 177 Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland. I shut my computer and all my books and threw them in my bag.
"where are you going?" she asked
"just to see an old friend" I said smiling "I'll be back in a bit"
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